Sunday, September 19, 2010

Arkansas State Daylily Meeting

I have just gotten in from church and thought i may let yall know how things went this weekend. I am sorry i havent posted in a while, i guess i needed a break from things but here we go.

The 17th was friday nite and the club had their show and tell for those of us that hybridize and those that just want us to see what has been going on in their gardens this past summer. We had about 25 people present and we saw some beautiful pictures of new seedlings and yard fixtures that were shared with the group. We had a discussion for about 2 hours and some that were staying the nite i am sure stayed much longer.

Saturday morning we had the privelige to meet Dan Bauchman and Jamie Gossard. 2 of the finest guys i have met even if they are from Ohio. They had the floor about an hour each before we broke for lunch. Dan does UFs and some spider looking plants of all colors and gave those of us not knowing, a good education about these catagories. Dan also runs a nursery, so he is a full time gardner. Thanks for comming Dan.

Jamie on the other hand has been hybridizing for a while as he has so many different paths he is following with the lilies. Jamie has more teeth than a dentist!! At least on his plants that is. I really enjoyed his presentation and saw a couple avenues i may explore in my own yard. I am not a thin petaled liking person but these 2 guys really opened my eyes and made me see the future in a different light.

I have always been the one to love the bagel looking lilies, big flat petals and overlapping. I always loved the selfs until the past couple years i have started working with eyed plants. Now i can add the teeth to the fat petals with broken patterns in the eyes on 36 inch scapes and maybe have a future intro. In the past i have been very close minded about my hybridizing but Dan and Jamie kind of woke me up. Dan even showed some seedlings that were almost spiders and trying to double up, imagine that.

This is the reason we should go to our club meetings and visit different gardens to get some new, fresh ideas for our lilies. I hope i havent bored you with this blog and you will come back in the future. We are now lining out plants and we will talk about building beds real soon. Jim