Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Big Ole Creamy Dips

What can be better than a big bowl of vanilla ice cream on a hot day? Maybe 2 big cream dip seedlings. These 2 seedlings are of my kind that i like. Lots of sepals and fat petals. They really fill out the flower. I love when petals are wide enough to overlap and the sepals just fill in the curves and you have a nice round Bagel then. The seedling beside the cell phone is 7 inches. I thought the contrast of having a phone there could show just how big this dip flower is. Both seedlings are down from Talbotts Carribean Whipped Cream. This parent has added branching and size to my dip program. Temps are a little cooler today and the high will be 90 tommorrow with lows about 65 degrees overnite. I may have to spread some pollen tommorrow. The past week of high temps have shut down the seed pod factory. Remember to drink lots of water.

Jim Elliott

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Going Green!!

So much talk about going green and saving on electric bills, going organic to help save our environment here is what we have done to remodel our kitchen. I bought Kathy a new dishwasher and will serve as my squirrel dog this winter. Dont even ask about the rinse cycle. Isnt it fun we can laugh at our selves. I hope yall have a great weekend and keep in good spirits.

If it doesnt rain today i will spray roundup again on the 2 acres i sprayed a month ago just to make sure grass and weeds are gone before tilling. I hope to add seedlings this fall in the new beds. Smile. Jim Elliott

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Diploids With Eyes And Edges

The edges continue to get larger on our dip seedlings. I especially like the red eyes and edges. I cant take the credit for this as Jack Carpenter had this in his dips long before now. But we are going to try to make them bigger and in various colors. The patterns in the eyes are whatever you can dream of. I want them in blue, red and black and all tints inbetween. I have shown a few tets this week and i got some emails about where did the dips go? Well here we are again. I have some dips on our website with bigger edges but these seedlings are bigger flowers. I hope you enjoy the veiw and will continue to comment. Thanks for looking. Jim

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More Tet Babies

Lee Pickles told me to keep them comming so here are a few more. For some reason no one seems to want to comment, maybe its better they dont. but we do hope you enjoy the pictures of what we do on our blog. I think Lee is trying to make me run out of pictures. I have heard he is going to visit and work out a deal with David and Mort to get some of their seedling pictures to put on his blog. Just Kidding. I hope yall can work in the shade and do drink lots of water.Jim

Monday, June 21, 2010

Tet Seedlings

Here are 3 of our tet seedlings that we have decided to keep for a longer look. Anyone that knows me knows it has to have branching and bud count for us to keep another year. I will show 3 today and more in a few days. Even though these are beautiful tet seedlings and Lee Pickles wants them, i still like my dips more. The pink seedling with teeth is a Forestlake Ragmuffin seedling. The other 2 with double edges are out of Savanah Royalty. You didnt think you would get the full cross did you?

It is Hot and Dry here in central Arkansas so that makes it tough for setting tet seed pods outside. I have tried the past few days and hopefully will get some seed set. If you enjoy what you are seeing on my blog please feel free to email at woostergrdn@winstream.net or you may leave a comment below this blog. Is there something you would like to here about, maybe i can help.

I do have a new friend down in Brazil. I think i will send him some dip seed after i collect mine to help him with patterns and branching. Thanks for looking. Jim

Friday, June 18, 2010

Where Did My Fertilizer Go?

As i was cutting grass yesterday i saw this green spot, Dark Green that is. The spot in the picture is where i had 3 gallon pots that had my 9 month release in them. Over the winter with rain and all it did leech out and the grass loves it. We are on our way to South Arkansas to our youngest daughters wedding. Reluctantly i will give her away. Pray for us on our trip and hope for a beautiful Wedding. There is a house sitter by the way. Thanks Jim Elliott

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Today Was Carpenter Day

In our garden we call Tuesdays "Happy Tuesday". On HT Day we can put any pollen we want on any flower instead of using the best pollen on certain best plants. If i had any spiders we could use fat bagel pollen on a spider. Thats Happy Tuesday.

Today started out to be a best on best day and i was using my dip seedling D2210 that has the best branching and biggest scape in the whole yard. My wife was gone to carry Megan "grandaughter" to daycare. While she was gone i did it. I cheated. Please dont hate me or call me Stoopid. I couldnt help it. I got to Cosmic Kalidescope and got excited because it was the last bloom. So after 400 seed pods of D2210, i made today Carpenter Day. I laid the hammer down so not to get caught!! Then i got down to the named dips and here was Mount Herman Giant all 8 inches of orange dip, i walked back to D2210 and got an anther of pollen and Giant didnt have a pistil. So i threw down that pollen and got me some of Mt. Herman Giant pollen and spread that pollen far and wide with the intent of getting giant dips with eyes and all colors.

As i look at all my blue eyed seedlings, patterned eyed seedlings and just great dips all over the garden i realize now how much influence Jack Carpenter has had on my breeding program and my life as a Christian. How is that possible when Jack lives so far away"7hours". He has allowed me to come to his greenhouse in March and sit there for hours on end letting me pick his brain, answer the phone countless times when i had a little problem i didnt understand. I just want to say Thank You Jack Carpenter publicly for all the patients you have shown me over the past 12 years or so. May God allow me to be so patient with someone new to daylilies and want to know everything right now. If your seedlings are not showing that AHH that you are looking for just lay the hammer down and get you a Carpenter. Jim Elliott

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Region 13 Meeting

Region 13 Meeting is done, Arkansas and Lousiana make up Region 13. It has been long overdue about us going to the Big Dance. Kathy and i used to go most of the meetings but with moving a garden and building a new house we had to let some things go. It was a great time for all who attended. The meeting was held in Hot Springs, Ark and i think it was the best ever. We really enjoyed it and we saw lots of beautiful gardens. There isnt enough room on our blog for even a small percentage of pictures we took. i will show a couple and prove Lee Pickles has been in Arkansas this weekend. Thanks to All who participated in this Regional. We had 130 people and had to shut off any more visitors. Next meeting will be in Baton Rouge for the National.

The garden picture is of Floyd Worleys garden in Benton, Ark.. Floyd has worked his tail off for 3 years to get to this point. The water fall in the picture wasnt complete but someday it will be beautiful. Thanks Floyd.

We had lunch saturday at a marina in Hot Springs Village, with Lee, Sheila and me just after lunch. What a beautiful place.

Heres a wacky combo of 3 Cajuns and a Razorback. Clarence Crochet, Muriel and Tom Walker and myself. My wife and i have been friends with these 3 Cajuns a long time. They welcomed us when we first met and believe it or not they still talk to me. Clarence thought we had died and were long gone from the daylilies. Nope, it just takes a long time to get organized again. Muriel did the Regional Newsletter for region 13 and won several nation awards but does other jobs now. I was telling a person on the bus going to the gardens that if Muriel still did the newsletter that she would put me on the front cover saying" Jims Back". Thank You All that came and enjoyed the 2 days of beautiful gardens, great food and great people in Region 13.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Seedling with Tooth

When i was in the garden the other day i noticed something strange with my favorite seedling. There is a tooth sticking up in the middle of the petal. I have never seen this before. I am not sure what to do or where i should go with this. This is a 6 inch dip seedling. I have never had a black eye on a burgandy seedling before but i love it. Thank you Lord.

Also i had to show a picture of my friend Randy Bechum. Randy is very interested in the lilies so i have been sharing my interest with him in hybridizing. Randy has a beautiful yard and garden of his on but he is fired up about the lilies. Thanks for looking. Jim Elliott

Monday, June 7, 2010

Culprits of Seed Set

You ask yourself why am i not getting seed set on some days and seed set on other days? There are several reasons why and some are the hybridizers fault and sometimes Mother Nature just has her way.

Here in Arkansas we have what i have called a pollen bee that steals the pollen from the blooms. When the lilies first start blooming there are no bugs but before long they are very numerous. Are they really a bee, I dont know, i just know they eat pollen. As the temperatures get into the 90s these little theives are hungry. I was watching them this morning and they really liked this red eyed flower as there was 4 on it at one time. Seems they start by landing near the throat of the flower eating the loose pollen and then move up to the anthers and start eating the pollen there. I did catch one that landed on the pistil and worked on that pollen i had just put there. So when you come in from work and go look at the flowers and collect the pollen and its gone here are the Culprits. So get you a piece of Alum foil laid flat and collect the anthers before they open. Put them in the house where its cool and they will open just fine. You can collect the pollen when you get in or at lunch but you will have it. I have an article on our website about saving pollen with pictures listed under forums. http://www.woostergarden.com/

Another common problem is pistil splitting. Maybe you havent noticed but there are several cultivars that do this on a regular basis. When that pistil is splitup you can save your pollen cause you aint gonna set a seed pod there. Another just as bad as splitting is when that pistil is closed off. When it is pointed and not flat, save your pollen. Think of a pistil like a handful of drinking straws in your hand. When the pistil is flat like those ends of straws the pistil can suck down the pollen to the overies and pollinate the seeds. Also when humidity is down the tip of the pistil may be dry. If you will watch your lilies when the anthers start opening and fluffing the pollen the tip of that pistil will have a tiny drop of lubricant to ease the pollen down the pistil. But when the pistil is dry you will not set seeds. If you have 3 blooms on a scape and only 2 have the lubricant on the pistil you will get 2 seed pods.

Also for those wanting to know why some pods have 4 chambers, those are from flowers that were polytepaled(4 petals) and they also had 8 anthers instead of 6. it doesnt mean you will have more seed per pod but you will have 4 chambers.

When i was hybridizing this morning and watching those bugs making a living i was thinking how great this world is that God has created, all things big and small. Jim Elliott

Sunday, June 6, 2010

NE Arkansas Club Visit

Saturday morning the sun came up and what a beautiful day. As i tried to get things looking good for the club visit, get the smoker going and all the other things to do i felt i was forgetting something. I didnt forget, i just never had time to hybridize that morning. Two ladies came before the club made it here and it never fails to warm my heart hearing talk when they are in your garden, the oohs and ahhs really make all the sweat and work worth while. Sheila and her friend came about 30 minutes before the NE Ark. Daylily Club got here about 10am. They traveled 3 hours to look at our garden so i wanted them to feel welcome. I had my son Jeremy come and do the cooking for lunch while Kathy and i dug plants.

After a good lunch of hamburgers, hot dogs and cut fruit we had a nice visit and were able to cool down from the garden. They left about 115 pm. Kathy and i had gone to there club meeting last August and had arranged this visit then. Now tommorrow i can get back to spreading pollen again, then go to work.

The Region 13 meeting is this weekend and Lee Pickles is our guest speaker and i am really looking forward to our visit. The Arkansas State club had Lee for a speaker several years ago and he didnt dissapoint anyone. I do know he likes BBQ. Jim Elliott

Friday, June 4, 2010

Water Marks

These flowers are about 5 1/2 inch diploids yes diploids. So what are Watermarks? I really dont know how to get them but im glad i have some. They are like reverse eye patterns. Instead where the eye pattern is darker or a different color but still darker, Watermarks are always lighter. Chalky or a frosted eye pattern. The old Munson tets had the trademark of watermarks on their flowers. Any time you saw a chalky eye on a purple flower you could bet money it was Munson bred. Ever see a coffee table that had water rings on it where cups had sweated and the moisture got under the finish on the wood and it is light so they call it a watermark. So hopefully someone out there learned a little about daylilies tonight. For me as a hybridizer these watermark in my diploids are new and i am not sure where to go with it. But i sure do like that purple.

I am using more pollen each day and as different beauties open i have a new pollen to work with. But before i use that pollen i want it to go on a nice scape that has lots of bud count and tall. I have several plants with 32 to 36 inch scapes that are very thick at the base. We had another thunder storm thursday afternoon and we got 1 3/4 onches of rain in about 2 hours with high winds. The few paper tags i had on pods are gone nothing but a string hanging there. Thank goodness i started using colored wires this year from the start. Tommorrow is saturday and there is a club and several individuals comming to visit and buy seedlings. Jim Elliott

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

At The End Of The Day

My wife came in the house at 830pm this evening bringing in this bloom and had the gaul to tell me that this is what a daylily should look like at the end of the day. It was 95 here today and this bloom was in the field and no shade. I felt of it and it had lots of substance. I told her to put a ribbon on the scape and i would put some Man Scape pollen on it in the morning if it bloomed. I can take 40 blooms like this on one scape. Jim Elliott

Man Scapes

I hope All had a great time at the Nationals but someone had to stay home and take care of the farm. Todays Blog is about Man Scapes. There is nothing feminin about these boys. God has blessed me with 4 such plants that have these Huge scapes. Yes they are Dips. I have the Hulk (tet) and it has a big scape but these bad boys have the Hulk beat. They are all 30 plus inches tall and 4 and 5 way branches with terminal Y. One is a cream pink blend and one that bloomed todat is baby pink. Flowers are 7 inches and substance is very thick. I have been watching these scapes since they started out of the fan. My wife thinks i am nuts but she can appreciate that. If all the buds do bloom how many seed pods can a man get with using pollen from 150 flowers. I had 2 flowers open yestaerday and one flower today. I was very selective on what the pollen went on. I will show flowers maybe tommorrow. This is how dips used to look when i first started going to Jack Carpenters. I dont know if pictures show well or not but scapes are about 1 1/2 inch diameter. Thank You Lord. Jim Elliott