Saturday, July 21, 2012

ReBloom Is Up To You

Yep i said it, now you can shut me out, not really. But Rebloom is up to the grower. A lot has to do with water and temperature. If you are on a watering system most of the summer and the temps cool down even 10 degrees for a week here come the scapes. I see it every summer. When we have lots of rain and temps not above mid 90s i can have bloom almost all summer. But we must be consistent with our water. If after peak bloom you dont water for a month and in July you decide to water some dont expect rebloom much. When plants are stressed out with the heat like we are having, yesterday was 108,dont expect much rebloom until they get some relief. You cant water enough to match what a good rain will do. If you are inconsistent with your watering during scapeup time you will have scapes exploding, water does that. So what differences does rebloom have. What changes do they show us.
This is H.Janet and Bill from Nichole Harry Devito, on her first scape. Color is more to the blue side and form is round with wide sepals on every bloom, bloom is very flat which is all the things i like in my flowers. Now we show the rebloom flower.
This second picture is the same plant H. Janet and Bill, but calmed down more. Color is more subtle and you can see pattern in eye better. I really like this picture better than the first. Now before you start saying root system is better on rebloom i planted this plant back in Sept so roots should be good to go. For some reason her rebloom is in reverse from normal. Usually colors are more intense, scape is taller and sometimes bud count and branching is better. But on Janet and Bills rebloom plant habit is normal like first scape and color is less vivid. If you save pollen, when a plant reblooms that is a great time to collect pollen. No getting in a rush to hybridize, just get the pollen. H. Janet and Bill was a top 3 pollen parent this year for me.
This third picture is Don Ellers, H.Lady Duck. Fantastic plant habit. Great scape, heavy substance on flowers and very consistent bloom size, as toward the end of bloom cycle flowers didnt get smaller like some. This was my most used tet pollen this year. Setting pods with pollen was very good. The best thing is she blooms a week after the early bloomers, so we can use fresh pollen right at the start of hybridizing. Frozen pollen is very good but when possible i will use fresh pollen. Did i mention big heavy scape above folage. Yep shes a keeper.
This last picture is a tet seedling we like T1210 out of Doyle Pierce. I love Doyle Pierce, but he blooms at the end of bloom season. Thats why i save pollen so i can use these later bloomers on the first flowers of the season. Remember it is cooler at the start of bloom season so pods are easier to get. I love the substance and ruffles of DP but his scape is shorter than i like so i breed him to bigger scapes. Now back to T1210, maybe ever more blue than DP but bloom is about 1/2 inch smaller but the pollen is very strong. I think every flower i took the pollen to made a seed pod. maybe my 5th most used pollen. H. Scarlet Angel of Ted Petit was solid colored flower. Fantastic red color and good gold edge. On 3rd scape i broke it off. 2 bloom scapes was enough for a single fan. Performance was very good and he blooms right at the start of bloom season. This pollen of SA was in the top 4 most used pollens. I used it on all colors but mostly reds and purples. I am reall looking forward to seeing the seedlings from Violet Becomes You X Scarlet Angel. Violet Becomes You i would recomend to everyone without hesitation. Tall scape, great branching and a big 6 inch clear purple with gold edge flower, just beautiful. Very pod fertile for one so pretty. Some beautiful flowers are like people they are so puffed up they think they are the only one in the whole green house and are snobby and wont accept any pollen so we have to use their pollen to get kids from them. Some wont set seed pods on first scape but on rebloom you can load them down with pods. Some wont set on rebloom so we need to be Patient. Jesus Christ is a patient father and we are his children, at least those that want to be. Tim Magraw has a song out thats says all that can be said about a Christian" I am better than i was , but not as good as im gonna be". Thats says a lot. We are a work in progress for what is to come. Have you ever thought about what is to come after death? Our Soul is going somewhere for Eternity, where is is in Heaven or Hell. When we are young we think we are bullet proof and never going to die but when we get older we learn to be more Patient with our family and other people. But what about yourself, who is Patient with You. Jesus Christ is a very Patient Father for those that have accepted him. I was troubled once about dieing but not anymore. I know i will be in Heaven with almighty Jesus himself for ever. Being a Christian is freewill, Jesus doesnt make us choose him, its all up to us whether we accept him or not. Are you troubled about something in your life? Does it keep you up worrying? We have a song at church,"Tell It To Jesus". You dont need to change anything in your life as Jesus will do it for you, When you look in that mirrow, who do you see? Wouldnt it be great to get up every single day and know Jesus is in charge of your life and nothing can hurt you anymore. Oh i get spanked once in a while but i needed it just like a father gives guidance to his children when they get out of line but we still love our father dont we. Will today be your day to open your heart and let Jesus Christ in so your heart will be washed clean with his blood. Thats why he died on the cross, to pay for our sins that we committed. Open your heart and ask Jesus to come in. Let him guide you thru this life till we all get to Heaven, what a day to look forward too!! The Bible says every time a person on this earth is Saved there is a celebration in Heaven, is today your day to be celebrated?

Monday, July 2, 2012

Inside The ShadeHouse

Good Morning, now is the time of year for us to collect our wages of labor from this beautiful flower we love so much. We have started collecting seed pods of the flower scapes. Usually it takes about 42 to 45 days for seed pods to mature and be collected. If you collect pods to soon the seeds will not germinate. Even though they are black and shiney they are immature and will not germinate, so wait for the pod to crack open slightly. We are showing inside the greenhouse that is now a shade house.
This is Nichole Harry Devito introduction named H. Janet and Bill. 6 inch flower and lots of buds. This flower is on a rebloom scape. The first bloom scape has 5 seed pods on it. A lot of times daylilies wont rebloom if seed pods are on the first scape. A plants main objective in its life span is to reproduce by seeds produced. So when seeds are present it thinks its job is over for the year. Rebloom is good for collecting pollen for next year, since the hybridizing has been done there are no distractions for collecting pollen.
This is a closer look of seed pods on some scapes. I think these seed pods are on the plant H.Open My Eyes. It is fairly fertile and sets good on cool days. I think the most pods i have on one scape is 9 pods.
This pod is a little past ready to pick. It is outside and when they crack open in the sun the pods start opening further than we want and we may have seed spill out onto the ground and when that happens they are very hard to find.
This seed pod is just right. the pod is starting to wither and not so green and when you gently squeeze the pod it is semi soft and you can feel it move. I then take the pod and put into a seed cup along with the cross tag and take them into the house. Never open seed pods outside especially while walking around, they will jump out of your hands and lose seeds. I use bathroom 3 oz. cups to collect my seed pods.
Here is how we dry our seeds before putting them in the refrigerator for 3 weeks or even the whole winter sometimes. They think that they{seeds} have been thru the winter and will germinate once planted in about a week. We open the pods, place each cross in its own cup with both parents printed on side of cup. like this. D2407 X Tiger on the Mountain. After seeds have set on table for 3 days then we put them into smal {2inch X 2 inch} ziploc baggs with cross written on each bag. Then they go into fridge for a 3 week or longer before planting. I hope this helps you with seed pods. We started this blog about the wages of our labor with daylilies but what about the wages we owe Jesus Christ. Now dont cut me off just yet. just as we have a plan on breeding daylilies, Jesus has a plan for you. The Bible says the wages of Sin is Death.Not dieing but death of your soul, meaning you are Lost, not to say you cant be found all you have to do is let Jesus into your heart and not close it up waiting for another day. Jesus said he is the Vine and we are the branch. We are to bear fruit. That means we are to share the Gospel to others. Prayer works. The other day i was at the dentist office and the dentist was about 40 yrs old. I had 3 teeth to be pulled and while we waited for gums to get numb we had a chat about the economy. I told him about i wasnt worried cause i had faith in the lord to keep me working. I also told him i thought the way this world was in shambles that the Rapture would come soon. He looked at his nurse and asked, Whats the Rapture? She jumped in and told him that was the second comming of Jesus Christ. Thats when Jesus will take all saved people off this earth in the blink of an eye. He was open to listening and we told him about Jesus. We planted the seed of being saved, maybe this seed will take root and he will open his heart to Jesus and bear more fruit. After getting out of the chair she and i talked and she has been trying to tell him about Jesus for 6 months and he just turned her away. She prayed for god to soften his heart and god did just that and sent me as conformation of the power of Prayer. Why wait till things are tough before you ever pray for Gods Help. Just bow your head, close your eyes and let god take over your life. Praise him for your healthy children and loving neighbor. Why not start your relationship with God Almighty today. Recieve his blessings from this old world, are you looking for a better life let him help. Today is a good time to start. Just say Thank You Father and feel his magic enter your heart. Amen