Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Good Morning to All, we survived the Memorial Weekend. Dry is the word here in central Arkansas. Seems we havent had rain here in 2 months, but today and tomorrow we have a great chance for rain and cooler temps. This fis picture is D7210 diploid. I had to save this one. The colores compliment each other so well. The red picotee goes completely around the petals. 6 inch flower and have it also in the shade house trying to keep the soft yellow and add a pattern to the red eye.
This is a tet seedling numbered T1210. the cross is Palace Garden Beauty X Doyle Pierce, it is a 5 inch flower and normally would not keep a pony size flower but it has good scape, good substance and lots of bluish slate color in eye and edge. I have been taking the pollen to all bluish eyed flowers in shade house. It is an early bloomer unlike Doyle Pierce which starts to bloom 2 weeks later when other plants are finishing up.
This is a dip seedling from Texas Kalidescope breeding. 5 inch flower but a beautiful pattern that tends to break as the temps go up. It has good height and scape for a Tx. Kal. kid. The problem with a lot of seedlings from Tx Kal is the week scape. Even though we bred it to big thick scapes, than thin scape of TK is dominant. It is sad to see a beutiful flower and have a weak scape. You know when you put seed pods on it it will fall over.
This is a very nice red dip seedling out of Russell Southall, i truely love RS as it has heighth in the scape and fairly heavy scape and good pollen, plus the follage is big. Big plants are great to have in the garden because that is what you see 9 months of the year. what makes this 6 inch red so special is the white midribs are gone and a nice red color is there. A lot of RS kids do have the white midribs and sometimes it looks great and other times it takes away from the flower. This bloom is a little twisted because it is on the end of bloom cycle. That is this is one of the last blooms on that scape. We also havent pampered the seedlings this year with watering. Just before they started blooming they were watered and none since.So this bloom hasnt seen water in over 3 weeks and looks pretty good. This is a 6 inch bloom even though it hasnt been watered. Even our selected seedlings havent been watered so we can get rid of soft plants that need help to perform. Some of these are sending up rebloom scapes with it being so dry and i like that trait. Imagine if they had water what would do. I want to introduce plants that perform when others dont. We have over 800 paper tags hanging on scapes in the shade house. It has become a job now to go out there and hybridize each day. Like Lee Pickles says there needs to be a cutoff date!! But what do you do when some are finishing up blooming and a brand new plant is going to open tomorrow? So now we are hybridizing just the special blooms and winding it down. I am hearing thunder so i must run,yea!!When life gets you down,Look Up. If you need a change in your life, go to Church and he will help you change for the better life. What has man gained when he has lost his soul. Jim Elliott

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Good Morning, it has been a long week. I have been painting outside buildings all week and i am ready for a day off. But before i would go to work we had to hybridize and look at seedling bloom and that took a couple hours out of each day. I will show you a few plants we are using in the greenhouse. This is Don Ellers-Lady Duck. It has a patterned eye and it is very ruffled to say the least. It is a mid bloomer, meaning a lot of the plants are halfway thru their bloom cycle when she started. But i put her pollen on about 40 plus blooms the day she opened.
Wonder Of It All by Bob Carr. Whats not to like!! Very perfect everyday. The same perfect form every morning. At 5 inches it is smaller than i like so i have been putting larger flowers pollen on it. I have been using a lot of red and purple pollen on it. I am anxiuos to see the babies from these crosses!!
This is Lame Duck by Don Eller. Really large bloom about 7 inches and ruffles are at least one inch wide. The color is hard to capture but kindof a muted lavender with a darker inside edge and a chartruce yellow edge on the outside. Really different. If you like the triangluar form then Lame Duck is for you too!!
Dip Seedling out of d0108. Like its parent it has a big eye and nice edge going completely around the petals. More grape purple in eye color that i really like. I did select this seedling but didnt write the numeber down. We have about 800 tags hanging on crosses in the greenhouse and it is beginning to be a job. I am thinking Lee Pickles is a smart man for putting a stop date on his hybridizing. For the past few days we have been doing a little over 100 crosses each day. The Hummers have been comming into the greenhouse looking for nectar among the flowers. They are a nice surprise. Have a safe Memorial Weekend and dont over do it, drink lots of water and pray for the needy. Jim Elliott

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Careful With That Pollen

Good Morning to All, as they say i have came in from the hay field!!! That means i have been working hard to hybridize better daylilies. Almost forgot about our blog, i have been so blessed with so many blooms to work with. We have taken some pictures but the past week the temps have been about 50 each morning and flowers were not pretty. A few were fully open but the pollen was slow to open. This is a picture of our dip d1012. It is a Texas Kal kid. I have been waiting on a purple seedling with the rings to bloom and finally have one. Purple not mauve. It has 5 laterals and i havent even counted the buds. It is fertile both ways. I have been using it in the green house or shade house now, i have been putting it on Jack Carpenters patterned eyed plants. It is hard to get the plant habit and flower to go with it in the same plant. But d1012 has what we have been looking for.
This Janet and Bill-Nichole Harry Devito 2012 intro. This is one of those WOW flowers. Nichole was able to let me have it for the greenhouse last fall and i am so proud she did. I just wanted to pull up a chair and look at it all day. A little larger than 6 inches, flat as a flitter and big edge. Look how wide the sepals are. this is a Happy Happy kid named for Nicholes granparents. Do you see the pollen gone? Thanks Nichole!!
This is a bud of Janet and Bill. Really neat bud. I have never seen fins or teeth on the outside of buds before but Nichole has this trait on several of her intros. Just really different.
This is Fire Down Below-Ted Petit intro. This plant has been out a while and is about $10 a double fan according to Eurecka. Intense blood red and has the best tet scape in the shade house. I have never seen this flower water spot and we have had it for a long time. same form every day, whats not to like!! Careful with that pollen means just that, if you dont really want a seed pod on that cross dont put that pollen on it. Last year under 50% shade cloth we set a lot of seed pods in temps that were at 100 each day. This year the temps are high 70s and low 80s and under the shade cloth over the plastic roof we are getting a ton of seed pods and the problem is half the plants in there havent bloomed yet. Seems the bloom cycle is out of whack and the mid bloomers will start next week. The fingers on my right hand are sore from holding so much pollen, just kidding. But it is getting good around here. Drink lots of water and stay cool this summer. Are you going to church sunday? Maybe you too will recieve his Blessing as we have. Look Up When Things Are Getting You Down. Jim Elliott

Thursday, May 10, 2012

More Red Dips

Good Evening, its much cooler this week than last week. The past 2 mornings it has been right at 50 degrees at 7am. The blooms dont like it at all. They are about a third of the way open even by 8am. D7209 my red dip seedling opened yesterday and today. Once opened it was flat both days and i like that. 3 laterals and terminal Y at top about 30 plus buds. This picture was taken at 7pm tonight and still looks good for such a cool start. 6 inch red whats not to like. This is a Russell Southall kid also it is dormant just like d2310 in our last post. Now i have pollen from 2 good red dips and the bloom season is just starting.
This soft pink bi-tone is just that. Someone sent me this plant by mistake. 2 years ago i bought some small Grace Stamile blue eyed plants from different people and recieved this plant. Definitely not a blue eyed small flower. Have you seen this flower before or maybe know what the name is. I dont know if its dip or tet but i put red dip pollen on it this am. This cooler weather has messed up my seedling bloom and slowed it also. Maybe in a few days the blooms can get back to normal whatever that is anymore. More named varieties are blooming in the greenhouse each day and seed pods are forming as now we can see the pods. Have a great day tomorrow and drink lots of water. As soon as the weather warms back up i will show some named blooms. Jim Elliott

Monday, May 7, 2012

Go Faster Please

Last saturday we put the shade cloth on the greenhouse to cool it down some. We also took down the plastic on the south wall. I cut a big vent hole in the top front to help get out the heat. This morning at 530 am we had a storm blow through with about 30mph winds. Sure glad i didnt have the north side plastic down yet.
Well she did open up and on time to use the pollen. This is d2310 (mop handle Scape)it is a dip and wonderful scape with several laterals and high bud count. Sorry i didnt measure to see how high scape was but flower is 5 1/2 inches and a red with a water mark looks good to me. I used the pollen this morning on some 7 inch dips with big scapes in the greenhouse. I think my other red seedling d7210 will bloom tommorrow so we will be crossing red to red now.
This is d2910 a nice purple dip seedling of 6 inch range maybe a little bigger. It has 4 laterals and 38 buds i think. A little more fuller that d1010 purple seedling on last post. It looks like it needs some red pollen what do you think. There are some nice purple dips out there but very few red dips. i am working with 3 nice red dips so more babies are on the way. While everyone else is chasing the patterns (me too) i will be working on my reds and purples.
Here is another selected dip seedling we are using in the greenhouse, d0410 garden name Big Boy Leroy. Big scape lots of buds and a little over 7 inches. Just a very imposing flower. d0410 makes 6 inch flowers look small. I think the cross was Tiaquana Treasure x Cosmic Kalidescope. One of those crosses that even though we didnt get the Kalidescope eye we got a lot of plant habit and a big thick flower that will blend right into what we are breeding for. The excitement is building as we pollenated about 10 flowers today. We also had a big purple dip seedling bloom with a white broken eye pattern but i didnt show it cause the wind tore off a sepal. It has 6 laterals on it. Have a great day tommorrow and stay cool. Jim Elliott

Friday, May 4, 2012

H.Lady Margret Rose-B.Holley

Good evening to all, I am posting tonight on someone elses flower, Bonnie Holley of Gold Coast Daylilies. I have bought plants before from Stan and Bonnie, even talked on the phone to Bonnie a few times. I bought this plant LMR from Bonnie last fall and i didnt know at that time it had a love potion with it. Maybe it was in the pollen when it bloomed but when this plant bloomed this week it made me Weak. This plant has had 2 blooms this week and i am on cloud nine. Lets see, it is 7 inches and i measured it several ways and still came up 7 inches. 4 inch petals, wide blunt sepals and a gold edge like i have never seen so much Chicken Fat before. The gold edge is 1 1/2 inches in places lots of ruffles. I have seen 2 blooms and have not seen it hang up or tear. Bonnie sent me several fans more like a clump and scapes are all over these plants. I dont think my heart can stand it. I was praying that something good would bloom so as bloom started i would have some good pollen to work with. I think God outdid himself this time. Thank You!! This picture does not do justice to this plant. If you buy it you will understand. I have seen lots of blooms in the past 18 or so years and this one is in the top 5 in my book. Nope Gold Coast didnt ask me to help sell their plants, they dont need my help and dont know about my blog most likely. It is a lot easier to tear someone down in this world we live in so when i get a chance i like to lift them up. Im sure we all get tired of people gripping about the plants they get. I even had someone get onto me because i sent too many bonus plants and they had to plant them. Go Figure. So for the Josh Jacques and Stan-Bonnie Holleys in this world,Keep Doing An Excellant Job. Tomorrow Lift someone up and not Push them Down. I approve this message. Jim Elliott

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Here We Go

Here we go the daylilies have started to bloom. This is a selected future dip seedling d1010. Burgandy purple, 32 buds with 3 laterals and a w at top of scape, 7 inches. There were 2 blooms open this morning and yes i did save the pollen. Not as good as we are breeding for but lots of plant habit to use as a pod parent also. When my chaulky white eyed seedlings begin to bloom d1010 will get that pollen. They have it on tets so why cant we have chaulky eyes on purple dips?
Here is a full picture of d1010. There are only 3 fans and 2 scapes. You can see the branching on d1010. Click on this picture to enlarge it. I think i will start using some bap-10 on this plant to increase it. I will start using the bap-10 and take pictures and write the dates so we can see how long it takes to get babies. Would yall be interested in seeing how to use bap-10?
Here is a picture of d2310 (mop handle scape) showing all those buds that are developing. I the last blog i showed how big the scape were in diameter now we can look at the scape from the top and see all those buds, I can see 3 laterals on the scape. In a few more days we will take another picture to see further development of this huge scape. The scape is a foot over the folage now. Its getting hotter so drink lots of water and stay as cool as you can.Thanks for looking. Jim Elliott