Saturday, July 30, 2011

More Shade House

Sharon Price wrote that she would like to see the shade house that i have been talking about. In another month i will have the green house poles up and after we get a good frost i will put on the plastic but for now we have blessed shade for our daylilies.The interior of the greenhouse is 20 wide and 24 long. The shade cloth is 22 x 20 i think. i used the metal T posts to tie the ringlets on the shade cloth to the T posts. After stretching it as best i could there was a big sag in the middle of the cloth. I took some 1 1/2inch pvc pipe about 10ft long and put a T on the end of the pipe and propped up the cloth in 2 places. Looks like a big tent. I then hammered in 2 more T posts in the walkways so i could wire the pvc poles to them so the wind would not make the pvc fall down and break scapes.

Here are 4 pictures i took this morning and in the last 2 pictures you can see Peppermint Delight blooming and Aramis reblooming in the other picture. You can also see the seed pods that are growing under the cloth. It was definitely worth the effort. Also if you will click on the pictures they will enlarge so you can see them better. Jim Elliott

Friday, July 29, 2011

Shade House

Well i made it back. Back from poor pitiful me idea. Just seemed i was pouring my soul into this blog trying to help someone start out right with daylilies with good info and there was never (very little) response. Maybe it was the heat from summer. I may not blog everyday but i will try to blog once a week.

Well you remember we put some shade cloth over an area we had planned on using for a greenhouse. I wasnt getting any pods before that. Well we have well over 150 pods tet and dip. We have been collecting seeds for about a week. I have collected about 40 pods so far.

Now we are getting rebloom under the shade cloth from dips and tets that had not rebloomed in the past in the open garden. Now we have had temps above 100 for the past 3 weeks and no rain. But i do water every other day in this area and it still gets hot. So yesterday Jack Carpenters Peppermint Delight had a bloom open on a rebloom scape and here it is taken thursday at 630 pm. thats right late in the afternoon and still looks good. The petal was broken because my dog thought it was something to eat and knocked it out of my hand. The petals were still firm and colors not faded. I am a firm believer in using shade cloth for hybridizing now.

Jim Elliott