Friday, August 6, 2010

Easy Garden Markers

Well the heat has ended for a day as today we got a half day of rain of 3 inches here at my house. We have had temps all week at 105 to 108. now add the humidity and its very hot.

I have seen on the Robin where people ask about what kind of Garden Markers or stakes do you use? Here is what i have come up with, with help years ago from Jack Carpenter showing me how he made his. You can find this wire i use at any welding supply store. I use aluminum welding wire that is 36 inches long and about 1/8 inch in diameter and when put in the ground it sits above the plants. I also use a 6 inch white plastic stake with a hole punched in it using a paper hole punch. I also use a pencil to write on the plastic marker, it doesnt fade and will not wash off with rain. Works for me. So here goes.

I use a half inch diameter thin walled pipe and cut a slice in it about 1/4 inch deep into the pipe. The slice must be wide enough for wire to slide into slice. With left hand hold wire and right hand twist pipe and wire will wrap around the pipe. Slide wire off pipe and next you can attach your marker. these will never corrode or rust while in the ground. You can also use stainless steel welding rods but they are more expensive. The wires i make and use are somewhat flimsey so hold the wire close to ground when inserting in the ground. Here in Conway you can buy the wire by the pound and they add up to 20 wires per pound and about $6.00 a pound.

Also this is the time of year for prolifs, here is a cluster of about 10 prolifs on a seedling scape. Thanks for looking. Jim Elliott

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