Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow Day

Here i am at home because we people of the South dont do well driving in snow. I need about a day and a half to finish painting a new house(interior) and we dont know what the roads will be like in a few hours so we stayed home today.

I was thinking i could share a few of my thoughts on daylilies and push back this feeling that spring is around the corner. Last week we had sunshine and 60 degrees today it is sleeting and snowing here in central Arkansas.

The seedling beds are covered with a blanket of snow and we have been down in the single digits so we can do dormants and evergreens. I would much rather have dormants. I love to see the dormants emerge and when they are about 4 to 6 inches high is my perfect plant.

Being observant in the garden is part of hybridizing. I took some FL. RagMuffin pollen and put it on a pink named Shores of Time and got this toothy pink seedling. Shores of Time is a 6 inch bubble gum pink with a big fluffy gold edge. Sometimes she has teeth on her gold edge. So i had to try this cross. As it gets hotter more teeth show up and why i didnt take a better picture i dont know.

This puple eyed diploid seedling has a different eye also. The midrib carries the purple eye out further and splits at the end of the burst. You will also notice this seedling has extra petaloid tissue on one of its petals. To me this would be an excellant candidate for breeding doubles with. It is wanting to double but dont have enough gene power to add more tissue. I love the eye pattern but hate the UF shape of the flower. I have always bred for bagel shaped flowers but as we go to the breeding for eye patterns we will have to follow the seedlings and see where they take us. For those that cant get out today it is a good time to catch up on reading The Bible. You will recieve a Blessing for it and if you take it to heart, The Bible will change your Life for the Better. It has Drama, Romance, Travel and oh yeah it is full of Love. Have you got one hour to make your life better, then go for it. Amen.

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  1. Hi Jim,
    Glad you are back with us. Nice pictures and a good blog.