Monday, February 13, 2012

Bridge Plants

Good Morning, it is snowing here in central Arkansas this morning. The high today will be 35 degrees. So i guess i will stay in where its warm.

The picture showing is a diploid seedling that i really like. It is 6 inches and perfectly round. Some call this a Bagel Look. 4 inch petals and 3 inch sepals. So whats not to like? Low bud count is my problem. I think it has 14 buds and top branched. For some that is good but the plants i want to intro i would like to have in the high 20s bud count with branching.

I have some near whites with the plant habit i like that i will be breeding to this seedling d4409. I am hoping to keep the lavender color with the big blunt sepals. Lavender color is pleasing to the eye and i think i should try to keep a line going with this color.

Last nite i woke up thinking about this plant, i was thinking about the lavender base color and it had a blue eye on it. Was an Angel telling me what is comming in the future? I cant answer that cause i dont know but i will try this color combo of lavender with a blue eye. The breeding of this flower has Linda Agin and Carribean Whipped Cream in it.

I guess my biggest fault is i love self flowers, no eyes or bicolor just rich solid color. Even though i have been a study of Jack Carpenters for years i never got into eyes like Jack has. When i went to the Lily Farm with thousands of eyed flowers blooming seems like i always came home with the selfs. But the recent pattern eyes that have came out now i am starting to like those but my first love is Selfs. Have a Great Day and let no one steal your thunder!!Jim Elliott

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