Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow and More Snow

Diploid seedling.
I dont know how people in the northern states handle it. All the cold and Snow everywhere. It is 26 degrees and 8 inches of Snow on the ground and still snowing here in central Arkansas. One hundred miles north by the Missouri line they have 20 inches of snow on the ground. I feel like a time bomb on a countdown to spring. I have been on the Lily Auction several times, emailed Karen Pierce of Floyd Cove several times about plants. Read all the daylily blogs i could find and even emailed Lee Pickles about a plant. Will Spring ever get here?

I have been day dreaming all day, even my friend Pat Larsen sent me some pictures of his seeds sprouting in his green house. I want to play too but i am stuck in the house for now. Real soon i will begin to show pictures of our green house as it starts to come alive. The plants are in beds right now covered with snow and in the next week or so we will pull over the plastic and watch it come to life. I cant wait. I will be like the little character on the phone commercial that gets so excited seeing the new phone he faints. Well thats me when i see that first scape in the green house

I still have a few plants to add like Carpenters Kal. Jungle Cat and Tiger on the Mountain, both are big sized patterned eyed diploids and Stamiles diploid-Little Bloom Rider that has a nice blue eye on it. So be patient and keep checking our blog for the new early season that will continue till next fall. I cant wait. Jim Elliott

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