Friday, February 25, 2011

Dip Seedling

I have had a few emails about the difference between Evergreens and Dormants. I explained as best i could on the last blog. Here are a couple more pictures to help those that are not sure what kind of daylilies they have. If you have colder temps than we do in central Arkansas then maybe your dormants havent broken ground yet. But this is why i started this blog is to be a Daylily Growing 101 to help those learn how to grow and breed this great flower. When i first started with lilies i had more questions than i got answers. So if you have a question please email me and we will find the answer. It also gives me a topic to write about. Pictures are great for a blog and they help tell the story. Myself i like reading so i try to explain in words along with pictures. I hope you will participate and email once in a while or everyday if you like. Spring is not far off so lets get ready for some good daylilies. Jim Elliott

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