Monday, March 21, 2011

Need More Daylily Beds

Well here we go, tearing up new ground in front of the house. This spot that the tractor is discing up is 100 ft wide and 200 ft long. I can tell you it is a long walk from the porch to the end of this new garden spot. I have a PTO Tiller for the tractor and soon we will start to make the beds more defined, so you will just have to watch our blog over the next 6 wks.

Why the next 6 wks, because we have begun to plant seeds from last summer. We have about 3600 germinating now and about 1000 more seeds to go. These that are germinating now are all diploid. The next 1000 seeds are about half tet. Next summer about June 1st i think i will be calling in sick for a week so i can watch all these babies bloom for the first time. Blue eyes and patterned eyes gallore. So while these 4800 seeds germinate and start growing tall we will be lining out our selected seedlings that we started digging today. I would say there are over 200 dip seedlings that we have been saving for 3 years. Now we get to grow them out and finally, finally we can begin to introduce our plants to the world. Now if we could get someone to buy them when released our dream would be comming true. What a day this has been. Also one more thing. This morning we had our first Purple Martin of the year stop at the bird house. I guess Spring has sprung. Have a Great Day. Jim Elliott


  1. Jim, I enjoy your very informative "how to" blog. Lots of good information. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks Lee, didnt know where you have been till i read the Robin this am. We are trying to have the number one information blog, that is our goal. I do enjoy other blogs like yours and hope you will post a lot of Green house pictures. Stay in touch. Jim Elliott