Monday, March 7, 2011

Whats It Worth

Peace of Mind is that we are seeking in our gardens? Not just me but All of us. I am a house painter and self employed and i feel very fortunate to be able to work in our garden as much as we do. It is very hard some days to go to work(painting) when the garden is in full bloom and have been out there hybridizing for several hours and have to switch gears and go to work. I do realize that it takes a lot of money to buy garden materials to make more seedling beds but is it worth all the sweat and aches that we go through to have a beautiful garden. You bet it is!!!

We had a goal when we left the mountain to be able to buy a new place with enough land that we could have about 4 acres in daylilies, much like The Lily Farm in Center, Tx.. If you have never been you owe it to yourself to go there, a place to pick and choose the plants you want to buy. I dream to have such a place as The Lily Farm that Jack and Josie built with a lot of work and sweat.

Heres the problem, i now have the genetics in my dips to expand our breeding program past even my wildest dreams. Seeds are not a problem just start putting the pollen on the pistil and there will be more seeds than i can count. So whats the problem? Letting Go is the problem and letting everyone into our little piece of paradise. Letting go of the Special Seedling like the one pictured above. Right now i have 4 pieces of this plant, look at all those buds and the branching on the scape. How many plants will i need to introduce it and how much will i set the price for? If i should keep for another year i will have around 20 fans to sell, will that be enough? Or will i get my heart broke and no one wants to buy it? These are the questions i have racing through my mind. Whats it worth? I can tell you the ride we have been on the past 15 years was worth every penny we have spent trying to get here and All the beautiful people we have met over the years is priceless. Piece of mind, Whats it Worth? Jim Elliott

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