Monday, April 25, 2011

Crank It Up-Almost Showtime

Another long cold winter has come and gone Thank The Lord!! The past week here in central Arkansas has been really wet. We have had so many storm fronts come thru our area and since yesterday we have gotten 2 1/2 inches of rain. We had a lot of rain and the garden is soaked. Cant work in the garden moving plants or anything. Last week was a long work week so we had decided to take today off before the rain fell. So i thought i would blog some.

The first picture is of a very good grass killer that you can use in your flower garden or veggie garden. This product will not kill daylilies or veggies Except Corn. Corn is a grass family and Will Kill Corn. But i have used it around peas, okra, tomatoes and watermelons. It WILL NOT KILL WEEDS OR BROADLEAF WEEDS, ONLY GRASS. We have lots of bermuda grass and crab grass here in Arkansas. One tablespoon herbicide to a gallon of water with a few drops of dish liquid for a surfactant(sticker) in a small pump up sprayer and you are ready. As with any herbicide plants(grass) should be dry before spraying. It will stay on the plant much better. Also it will not wash off(rain) after it has dried on the plant. We want to have the grass in a growing mood. That is dont spay when you havent had a rain in 2 months in the middle of July. If it is dry in your area then water the area you intend to spray a few days in a row to get the grass in a growing mood.

I was checking the rain gauge this morning and walked back thru the daylilies and found these 3 scapes. OH BOY!! This was the only plant i saw scapes on but i didnt tear up the daylilies looking for scapes either. It wasnt even flagged either.

These next 2 pictures are some diploid seedlings from a little old lady friend of mine. Her name is Sandy Nall, she has been our friend for about 15 years. Just kidding about the little old lady part. She is in the prime of life and full of energy like a little bumble bee. She came to our garden about 15 years ago and bought some plants. Who knows these may be down from those plants. I wished anyway. Sandy is becoming well know for her patterned eyed dips. She wont even share pollen with me, imagine that. She lives in the Texarkana area, maybe the Arkansas side. She has been asked to speak at the National in Louisiana about her garden and hybridizing so we have something to really look forward to.Thanks Sandy!!

Since we arent working today we may plant some daylily seeds we have left. Maybe 1500 need to be planted in plug trays. Bloom season is not for off, are you ready?Jim Elliott

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