Thursday, April 7, 2011

Speed Dial in the Daylilies

It is really amazing how fast things change in the garden. Kathy and i was in the garden digging selected seedlings and washing and cutting folage back and it just amazes me how good they look and how fast they can grow when conditions are right. We havent had much rain this spring and have had lots of cooler nights but the days have been pleasant. In the last blog i was telling you about fertilizer and lime and what we do to help our daylilies grow to their maximum and that includes the increase we get also. This will be a short blog tonight to show how the garden is shaping up at this time of year. We are still about 6 wks away from getting scapes above the folage. In the next blog i will show tools we use and how to keep grass and weeds to a minimum. There isnt enough time to pull weeds and move plants and hybridize also. So i will show the tools we use that will let you spend more time enjoying the garden.

The first picture shows 2 beds of lined out selected seedlings. One row is mulched and the other there is no mulch.

The second picture is the plants breaking dormancy about February 25. See how small they are. About an inch tall.

The third picture is this afternoon April 7th. Approx. 6 wks later. This picture shows how big and lush the plants are. Most folks have a potato fork in their tool barn. Compare the plants to the fork. The plants are way above the flags from last years that marked them. Feed them babies and watch them grow. Its like a Speed Dial in the Garden. Also if you click on a picture it will enlarge that picture and when thru looking hit the back button to go back to blog. Jim Elliott


  1. Very Nice! We don't have blooms till mid to late July, and our plants have barely started to break their dormancy. Do you use seaweed for mulching? Your mulch resembles the eelgrass that we have been using. Cheers,

  2. Hi Chey and thank you for following our blog. We use long leaf pine needles here. They will last 2 years before breaking down and all i have to do is rake them and spread them. We just add more lime to the beds. Jim Elliott