Friday, March 9, 2012

Try Again

I have no idea how the post i started got posted so lets try again. We have been working on setting up a green house for our breed plants.Daylilies that is. It is 24 ft long and 22 ft wide. We planted the plants last fall so they were outside all winter. Rust has not been a problem here the past 4 years but i didnt want to get it in the green house either.
We have a lot of our selected seedlings in there in hopes of getting early seed. I realize we are getting a late start this year so we are getting our feet wet for next year. I am learning at a fast pace about green houses. This morning it was 26 degrees inside at 630 am and at 9 am temperatures had risen to 80 degrees. At 12 it was a little over 90 degrees. I have a glass storm door for the entrance with a screen window so i raised the window halfway to let in some fresh air. I do want to keep the heat in so as to raise the soil temps and get plants growing. Tonight is our last nite of cold temps for a week anyway so i wont turn on any heater for the nite.
Here are a few pictures to show our progress of building our green house. In a few days i will show the plants growing and soon we are gonna see scapes sometime later this spring. We had 4 inches of rain yesterday and the day before that i had our first Purple Martin sitting on the bird house. Spring is comming and i cant wait to turn her loose. Thanks for looking. Jim Elliott

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