Friday, March 23, 2012

Whats Bugging You

You have bugs on your Daylilies that are driving you crazy? I know we should be protecting the envirnment but sometimes you cant wait on Mother Nature to give you a remedy so you need a little help to get things back in order before your plants are destroyed. Systemics are the way to go.
This is the way Systemics work. You mix 2 tablespoons of Systemic with a gallon of water. I use a garden sprayer to apply. Always use latex gloves and a mask over your mouth and nose while using any chemicals. Eye protection is a great idea also.
It is easy to apply. Just pump up the sprayer and spray the folage on your daylilies. Any bug using your daylilies as a dinner plate will be destroyed. The plants take in the poison(does not hurt the plant) and when bugs suck the juice or eat the folage they are done. Spider Mites, Thrips, Aphids, White Flys all of these are hard to get rid of but easy with a Systemic. Get rid of whats bugging you.
I am not an expert on Poisons by any means but i do use these products on our blog in my own garden so i know they work. I also know the effects of not using precautions while using these poisons. So please be careful. Use common sense like dont spray folage when the wind is blowing it back on you. Get on the Upwind side of the spray. Dont use around animals feed or water containers. Those kind of things.
I have included pictures to show the damage and different bugs in our gardens, i hope this helps. It has rained here again this week and we got 5 inches over nite and another inch the following day. We are wet in central Arkansas and the plants outside are growing fast. Jim Elliott

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