Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Good Morning to All, a rainy nite here in central Arkansas. I checked rain gauge this morning and we had 5 inches in it. Thats a lot of water, glad i live on a hill. Springlike temps are making me start to look for scapes even though we are a month early for that plant habit. Daylilies in the beds outside are looking so good.
Inside the green house the plants really look great and seem to grow half an inch each day. I have added more coated fertilizer to the beds and been watering twice a week. Plants are dark green and the dormants are jumping. I am seeing increase so i know the plants are happy.
When i was outside weeding some seedling beds last week a seedling of mine d1510 stayed for several days on my mind. My concern was wether i had put it in the green house or not. Finally i went inside and started looking for it and found it, not one double fan but two double fans, i was a happy man. The cross for d1510 is Tijuana Treasure x Cosmic Kaleidoscope, it has so many buds as you can see in the picture. The pollen parent will be d1810 a yellow with a huge dark burgandy eye. d1810 is also a Cosmic Kal. kid. This will be an F-1 cross. So you say what are my intentions?
I like making long crosses, that means i will make the same cross between these 2 plants several time to get lots of seed in the hopes of getting patterned eyes with lots of buds. Both flowers are in the 7 inch range and i expect the kids eyes to get bigger also. Have a Great Day. Jim Elliott

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