Friday, June 10, 2011

High Intake Equals High Performance

Isnt it great that all across this great land we all are either expecting blooms real soon or the bloom season is winding down. Either way i hope you meet your expectations with your Daylilies. This plant we love and baby so much has a very big appetite. Is it already there in the beds or did you forget again to redo that bed. When you planted that bed did you add all kinds of nutrients for the plants diet or did you just add a little fertilizer and sometimes water.

Look at it this way, like you were getting at your table for breakfast eack day and then running a marathon once a week. Which diet will give you the energy to last the whole race. Ham and eggs diet or plain corn flakes and skim milk. If it isnt in your flower beds then dont blame it on the hybridizer when the blooms are small and 4 buds. Daylilies have a big appetite. When the plants dont set seed pods then its my fault because i didnt cool them enough to set pods. You can look at past posts on what we put in our beds and it will last for 2 years.

The flower in this blog is Jamacan Rita and is about $30 double fan according to my Eureka. The first time this spring she bloomed there were 3 flowers open on 2 scapes. Now this is a WOW flower. I had never heard of it before someone sent it to me as a gift plant this spring. Thank You.

The other pictures came from my seedling beds that i planted last October from my plug trays. As you can see these seedlings are very happy. They are 4 and 5 fans to a lot of the seedlings. When they bloom next summer i wont have to wait very long before i can intro these babies. This to me is Performance. Many years ago Jack Carpenter gave me his list of what he puts in his beds. But now in February Mark Carpenter applies Chicken Manure as a top dressing with a spreader right out of the chicken house. Thats why plants from the Lily Farm are so well grown, lots of nutrients in the beds.

The shade cloth i put over my breeding beds a few days ago seem to be working. I have not seen a burnt flower or any wilting blooms. When i water at sun down the blooms look great for such a hot day. The pollenated blooms havent fell off yet so i am hoping i have some pods there. Drink lots of water and have a great weekend. Jim Elliott

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