Saturday, June 11, 2011

Shade Cloth Working

The flower picture is of Crazy Ivan. The color contrast will just stop all your movement. The black in the eye bleeds red out of the edges and the base color is like buttered popcorn. It is a big 6 inches and a tet.

A couple of blogs ago i was telling you that i was hoping this shade cloth would produce more seed pods because the high temps had started plants aborting seed pods, just made me want to cry. It has been about 4 days since we put the shade cloth over the hybridizing beds and i could see yesterday that several old blooms that hadnt dropped were starting to swell with a pod. This afternoon we had some storms roll thru with some good winds that blew off those old blooms and revealed i had been right. I do have tet seed pods and i feel very good about the rest of the bloom season. Of course i have dips out there also and they are setting pods too.

It has been a busy week here trying to get the yard pretty for some clubs to come visit and buy seedlings if they chose to. I can now take this and buy more compost and fertilizer for the new beds the plug tray seedlings will go into. Its Hot out there so drink lots of water and stop periodically to cool off. Superman has left this yard and left me to handle the chores. Have a great week. Also you can take your mouse and click on any picture to enlarge it and hit your back button to go back to the blog page. This works on my blog or Lee Pickles blog or any blog that you are on, just click it to get a bigger picture. Jim Elliott

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