Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Blues

I have bought some new plants to breed with hoping to get a better blue color in the eyes of our tet seedlings. The chalky lavender eyes are nice but i am ready for some blue jean colored blues. Here are 2 new plants with more blue in the eyes. The double picture is from Guy Pierce of Floyd Cove named Which Way. It is in the 4 1/2 inch range and is really a pretty flower that has an outer band outside the blue eye.

The single bloom picture is a new spring intro from Floyd Cove named Dragonfly Blues. Karen Pierce sent this to me this spring as a gift plant with my order. I really like this plant as the base color of the flower is more white and the blue jean blue eye really stands out. The eye shape is triangular which is different. I have been using this pollen and setting seeds outside in this heat. So the pollen must be pretty hot (active). I even have 2 pods using this pollen on Carpenters Palace Garden Beauty. What shade of blue will these babies take?

I counted seed pods yesterday to see how good the shade cloth is working in this heat spell we are having. Not quite 2 weeks it has been up and i have 85 tet pods and 70 dip pods. I didnt count pollenated blooms of the past 3 days because you cant tell as the seed isnt swelling yet or the bloom hasnt dropped. I do know i would not have set very many pods without the shade cloth. For those of us that cant afford a greenhouse this is the next best thing to use for hybridizing. Jim Elliott

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