Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Walter Kennedy

This is one of those flowers that will stop you in your tracks. Explodes in red color. Base color is between dark pink and red but the eye is a dark fire engine red. As you can see the eye pattern comes way out on the petals. 6 inch flower and big strong scapes. Whats not to like. Pat Stamile took Jack Carpenters Peppermint Delight, converted the dip and introed a lot of big eyed flowers from Peppermint Delight. I cant wait till Pat is back releasing introes again. I have been talking via emails to him and he is looking at his first seedling bloom this summer. I think he is getting excited again. Thats a Good Thing!! Stay cool and drink lots of water this summer. It has rained most of the day here and temperature is at 70 degrees at 5pm.. Do you think i set many pods today? Jim Elliott

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