Friday, May 28, 2010

Cosmic Kaleidoscope Kids

Cosmic Kal. and Super Fancy Face introed by Jack Carpenter are changing the look in my seedlings. I love the patterned eyed seedlings i am seeing. When we moved to our present address i didnt have hardly any eyes, they were all selfs(solid colors). Then I got Jacks Cosmic Kal. and fell in love. Now i am trying to put eyes on everything in the garden but there will always be some selfs around here. The 2 pictures here are Cosmic Kal pollen used on 2 different Lavender Blue Baby seedlings as pod parents. The red eyed pink has 20 buds and is nicely branched. The dark eyed one needs some plant habit. These are dip seedlings.

I had 2 ladies in the garden this morning buying some seedlings for their yard and they loved the cantelope colored selfs and didnt care for the eyed seedlings much. I really intended to take their pictures for the blog but somehow forgot to. Each day more seedlings are opening and more pollen is spread. Lee P. is so right. Life is good. Jim Elliott

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