Sunday, May 23, 2010

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Now is the time of year when we all, all across this Nation start to get in various stages of excitement. Some are calm, the ones already at peak bloom(florida), Really excited like me because bloom is increasing each day(Arkansas) and those that are just seeing scapes and after a long winter just show me some color please.

Last year before the blog thing came out i did some helpful info about different things like freezing pollen, plug trays for seeds and things like that on our website. When you go there you must click on ENTER first and then go to Forums to find these helpful hint and ideas. I hope they do.

The seedling in this picture is a diploid and dormant as most of my dips are dormant. It is 6 inch flower and scape has 4 branches plus terminal Y and 36 buds. It is a first year bloomer and i really like it. I think it is out of my Ultra Plum seedling X Carribean Whipped Cream seedling. It is a nice purple color but not as dark as i would like.

Many years ago i bought Lee Gates intro Ultra Plum and its a diploid. Purple in color. Branched like a tree. For what ever reason i kept 4 seedlings out of this cross. They were purple and had white edges and boy did i feel good about that. I picked up the phone and called Lee Gates and telling him of my excitement. He told me they would not have the white edge anymore and i didnt believe him but the next season and no white edges. He was right cause he had seen this trait before. I culled down to 2 UP seedlings and finally one was left but it was the best. Before we moved i had 10 or 12 plants of this seedling UP-4. When we moved here to the new house soon to be 3 years i had 3 fans left of UP-4. This UP seedling has been the base of my dip breeding program since moving here and i now have 18 fans. It is hard to increase when you keep the plant loaded with seed pods. I have decided to use it 1 more year then increase for intro and sale.

Very hot today about 93 and humid, it wont be long before summer is here to stay. So if you need a little help in your garden i am just an email away and just maybe i can help you out. I did some trading with Michael Bouman a couple weeks ago. He was looking for a tet i had and i needed his red dip intro David and Alan so we made the swap. David and Alan is red and i hope to use it in my red dip line this summer. There just arent many red dips out there so i have to produce my own. Also Lee Pickles sent me an email inviting me to join the blog team and he hopes he could learn something. Yeah Right, if i knew what Lee has forgotten about daylilies i would have it made!! By the way he will be our main speaker at Region 13 Meeting June 11 and 12 if you are in the area please stop in. I bought my first order of lilies from Mr Pickles way back when Midnight Magic was a new intro. He always gave me extra plants and answered all my questions back then. Hes a dandy. Yall have a great day and slow down and enjoy life. Jim Elliott

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