Thursday, May 27, 2010

Something New, Something Blue

The internet server has been down for a couple days so i have some catching up to do. But it is too late to get long winded. Today i used about 150 blooms to put pollen on today. I had a couple nice surprises in the seedling patch with some blue eyed things. The flower with the color on the sepals with the dark blue eye is a Jack Carpender seedling that i plan on using quite a lot. The other 2 seedlings are line bred down from Lavender Blue Baby. I also had a blue eyed seedling bloom today out of D02-08 X Cosmic Kalidescope that had a patterned blue eye but i didnt take a picture because it was having issuses opening the first time. I hope you like these and maybe something better will bloom in the morning. Enjoy and Thanks for looking. Jim Elliott

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