Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In The Morning Light

Good Morning, we are getting some really pretty seedlings of different colors beginning to open for us. I am self employed and days like today it is hard to leave the house. In 2 weeks the Northeast Arkansas Daylily Club will be here for a visit and to buy some seedlings to put in their yards. We have clubs come each year but this is a brand new club so there will some teaching and lots of questions asked. My wife and i went to their meeting last fall and did a slide show and cut a handful of scapes that were blooming. They were amazed that the scapes were still blooming that time of year.

My good friend Pat Larsen and his wife Patricia, Patman and Patwoman, just came back from south Texas this Sunday and had some nice plants they had bought at Paynes garden and Mark Carpenters( The Lily Farm). Pat shared some seedlings and intro Home Run King with me. Thanks Patman. I did use the Home Run King pollen this morning on about 30 plants.

Here is a red seedling as a single bloom and a clump shot. 5 inch flower and lots of buds and branching. With proper branching you can see the flowers are able to open flat without buds crowding them. I think there is 5 blooms open and no crowding. It is kinda hot red not a clear color but we like it. The seedling bloom was shot in the morning light this morning. The anthers are still closed, now you can see one example of why i use frozen pollen. Gotta run and will show more seedlings tonight. Be Patient. Thanks for looking. Jim Elliott

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