Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Richer In Red

All three of these red diploid seedlings bloomed this morning. Hooray, i have been looking for a good red dip to breed with for a while and little did i know that it just hadnt bloomed yet. I traded for one named David and Alan by Michael Bouman that will not bloom till next season most likely but now i have 4 new reds that bloomed this morning. Thank You Lord! The seedling on this mornings post was out of Lavender Blue Baby breeding. These three on tonights post are all out of Dr. Elliotts Russell Southall. It is dormant, tall, about 6 inches, red and reblooms here. Folks on the Robin last year wanted to know where a good red dip was at and i told them then that Russell S. was a good one so here is all the proof you need if you like red dips. All 3 are 6 inches plus but only one has the branching i like but when i get through with my reds they will have lots of branching and buds. Big Bright Red.

Come on you cant tell me you dont like these seedlings. I know there are some hard core tet folks out there but could you tell either way if i didnt tell you these are dips? Maybe i can sway you over a little before our bloom season is over. As of yet i dont have a greenhouse up and running and all our hybridizing is done outside in the field, that means no shade. But we still set lots of seed pods. I used Carpenters Home Run King pollen on eyed seedlings this morning. I probably put pollen on 30 or so flowers.

We cant wait till morning to see what is waiting for us in the seedling patch. After all these years the drive is still there and this time of year is better than ice cream to hybridizers. I had 2 visiters this afternoon and they never saw a bloom they didnt like, my kinda folks. Isnt this a great way to pass time. Thanks for listening and see ya in the morning. Jim Elliott

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