Friday, April 20, 2012

Big Boy Scapes

It isnt good to change formats on old people. Google decided to update blogspot and now i am confused about what goes where. Not sure if pictures go first or last or somewhere in between.
  We were in the garden this morning looking at what stage the seedlings were in and we found this Huge scape on D2310 a lined out plant for future watching. All the plants had huge scapes that they didnt have that large last year. They measured at one inch across. They were huge all the way up the scape and it will be interesting to see how many laterals the scapes have. Im telling you they look like mop handles.  I checked inside the green house and didnt have any there so we dug up a double fan, leaving the dirt on and planted it inside. I dont think it will ever know it was moved. Anyone have any advice on this new format please email me with some good advice cause i am lost. Jim Elliott


  1. Hi Jim,

    I always enjoy your blogs. I am much older than you so how do you think I feel with the new format. Ofter, new is not better . . . just different.


  2. Thanks Lee, your seedlings are very beautiful this year. I especially like the purples and reds. I think your red seedling is the best i have seen this year. I can wait for another week and i can post some new seedling pictures. Keep up the good work. Jim Elliott

  3. Jim your post looked great...
    & Wow to the mop handle scapes...
    good discription...sounds like you
    should be getting blooms soon;)