Sunday, April 15, 2012

H.Youve Got Soul

WOW, yep i said that. This is a plant that my good friend Josh Jacques down in south Louisiana has bred and registered. Can you imagine have this beauty bloom in your seedling bed someday. The color is perfect combo and if you enlarge(click on picture) the picture you will see tiny dots from the eye pattern. Josh sold me a double fan last fall and i am very proud he did. He gets $100 for a double fan. Joshs phone number is 318-613-2618. He also has a web site that you can get by google his name. I very seldom push another persons plants but Josh is up and there, not comming. The seedling pictures he has been sending me are just beautiful. Didnt Dizzy Dean say"it aint bragging if you can do it". he has proven to me he can do it and we should support him.
Lee Pickles has posted on his blog today a beautiful red seedling that bloomed today, If you havent seen it go look. Lots of ruffles and very red. I think it is the same cross Bill W. had on his blog a few days ago and it was a beautiful red also.
To me looking at beautiful new, never seen before seedlings are like eating ice cream. The more you look the hungrier you get for more. This time of year i feed off seeing other peoples seedling pictures with an unsatiable appetite. I get to see the cross it came from and in my little mind i can vision similar crosses in my own hybridizing. For some like me it is a Passion to be able to raise and grow this fantastic flower. The Ohs and Ahs that people let out when they are looking at your plants makes for a great day. The best compliment i will never forget was when a club came to buy some seedlings and i think every flower in the garden was open that day. When she was looking at the seedling field and she said" I didnt bring enough film". That was a special day. Our blog lets me help others find there way thru the daylilies wether they are curious or have that passion to grow this plant and we can show flowers that just maybe you havent seen before. Like the plants flower shown here I hope someone will appreciate the effort people like Josh put into hybridizing a great flower. He dont have a bigtime name yet but he has the passion to get there. Thanks for looking and come back soon. Jim Elliott

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  1. An enterprising young man he definetly has produced a pretty daylily. He is decicated and the energy has absorbed into this beauty.
    Thankyou for sharing your blog.