Friday, April 13, 2012

We Got Scapes

Good Day to everyone. Its feeling like Spring around here. I have had the plastic on the green house since March 9th and now we have scapes. Wow!! From cold to scapes in 30 days. That is what you call Speed Hybridizing. Temps on the outside are highs of 70s each day and it seems there is a race inside compared to outside. But the green house is winning. Larry Grace told me once that if i could hold temps at nite at 60 degrees for 60 days i would be in bloom in the green house, He was right for sure. I have been checking temps inside and they have been steady at around 55 degrees each morning before the sun hits the plastic. Now in the afternoons the sun will bring it up to 100 for most of the day. I still have sides pulled up tight and have both doors open during the day with exhaust fan running all day. I water every third day. I have the plants in raised beds and mulched with pine needles. With the heat and humidity the plants are loving it.
My wife was kind enough to let me buy a lot of plants last fall on the Lily Auction and they are in the green house. Plus over half the plants in the green house are our seedlings we have been lining out last year. Next year three fourths of the plants we will use in hybridizing will be our own seedlings, thats when it starts getting good. Lots of blue eye things, patterned eyes, and big edges some with color some with lots of chicken fat.
We have added some annuals like Petunias and Geraniums plus 2 large leaf Coleas. One of the Coleas is a Mosaic that has 4 colors on each huge leaf that i really like.Each morning the fragrance smells so good in there from the Petunias. Maybe in 30 days we can start to show our seedlings starting to bloom so please stay in touch. Drink lots of water while working outside. Jim Elliott


  1. I think I got it....hope you show blooms as they open ....Annual pots are fun to see also...L;)

  2. Thanks Lori, that wasnt so hard to leave a comment you just need patience. I had to get some color in there and the fragrance was extra. I will be showing seedling blooms and other daylily blooms as well. Jim Elliott