Friday, April 27, 2012

Big Red Tet Future

Good evening to all, my good friend Josh Jacques from down in Louisiana has done it again. Here is a Future Introduction of his. If you dont like this big red flower you better check your pulse. If you want to contact him about this flower email him or call him on the phone. His number is in my post a couple back. By the way he is getting low on his H, Youve Got Soul so if you were even thinking about that plant you better get to calling cause your neighbor probably has already bought it and didnt tell you. As for the Red it is a Talladega kid and i think Josh said it had 3 laterals plus the top Y. That adds up to lots of buds.
Here is a good example of a Fused Scape, this is where 2 scapes are welded together. The scape will be flat and no branching and have very few leaf nodes. All the buds ar wadded at the top of the scape. As for the plant itself it is usually a bunch of small plants growing out of a couple crowns. I lined out a seedling last fall and every plant is this way.I wont be setting any pods or using this pollen until we see if it happens again, if so it will go in the trash.
All the scapes i am showing tonight are Diploid, but the red future is a tet. This is the kind of scape we like to breed for. 3 or 4 laterals plus the terminal Y at the top is what we look for when scapes are growing. I have no problem marking a seedling before it ever blooms just for the scape alone.
Here is another diploid seedling that has the scape we breed for. These bottom 2 pictures are first time bloom seedlings. We planted these seedlings in October 2010. We had about 7 of the group bloom last August and it was 100 degrees outside. Now we have scapes all over these 2 seedling beds. The pollen parents were a couple of patterned eyed plants like Texas Kalidescope and Super Fancy Face. The pod parents were our own seedlings that had big heavy scapes with flowers of lots of substance. I am seeing buds swelling up and next week we will get to see if we did a good job. Some reds also and if i could get one plant that had a red flower like Joshs i would be Very Happy this year. Have a Great Weekend and drink lots of water. Jim Elliott

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  1. we have added a couple more followers to this blog. Welcome aboard and if you have any comments or suggestions they are welcome. I would like to know what yall think and want to read. We will have bloom soon, i think the first bloom will open tomorrow or monday for sure. Thank you all.
    Jim Elliott