Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Big Mosaic Coleas

We have different hanging baskets in the greenhouse and i like the big stuff. You know big leaves, big flowers, big scapes and big plants. We bought 2 diferent kind of Coleas in the Kong line. The one pictured here is the Mosaic Kong. Seems it grows about a half inch each day, i may have to take it out of the hanging basket and put it in the yard so it can grow straight up. The leaves are so colorful and about 6 inches acro
ss. Here is a Petunia of a new variety. Wouldnt it be great to have eye patterns like this Petunia. Just having a white daylily this clear in color would be fantastic. I like this pot because not all the blooms are alike. Some have more blue and some more white. Its hard to determine which color is the base color and which is the eye color. As the daylilies inside are growing larger scapes each day we should be close to hybridizing in another week. So for now i just water hanging pots and daylilies waiting on that first daylily bloom. As i try to figure out this new format on our Blog. Each time will be a trial and error. Like Lee Pickles told me "very carefully" when i asked about keeping text and picture in line. But i get longer winded than Lee does. Speaking of Lee Pickles he has has some really nice reds and purple seedlings to bloom this spring in his greenhouse. I have to get this blog text figured out before our seedling bloom or else. Have a great week and enjoy the spring like weather if you have it. Jim Elliott


  1. I've grown those Kong Coleas here in MI .. FUN
    & colorful. ;)

    1. Thanks Lori for looking at our blog. I have really enjoyed the Coleas this year, but soon the daylilies will be in bloom and everyday is like a celebration around here we never get used to it. Jim Elliott

  2. Beautiful daylily bloom! I like coleus and have been growing the sun variety in pots the last few years; I have more sun than shade in my yard. Have a species daylily in bloom, sp. dumortierri, I think. I bought it at our Garden Club sale years ago; it is usually my first to bloom. We could use some of the rain going around us!!

  3. Morning Bev you are an early riser, i get that way as the seedlings start to bloom. How is the seedling i sent you? i hope it is blooming for you now. Have a great bloom season. Jim Elliott