Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Here We Go

Here we go the daylilies have started to bloom. This is a selected future dip seedling d1010. Burgandy purple, 32 buds with 3 laterals and a w at top of scape, 7 inches. There were 2 blooms open this morning and yes i did save the pollen. Not as good as we are breeding for but lots of plant habit to use as a pod parent also. When my chaulky white eyed seedlings begin to bloom d1010 will get that pollen. They have it on tets so why cant we have chaulky eyes on purple dips?
Here is a full picture of d1010. There are only 3 fans and 2 scapes. You can see the branching on d1010. Click on this picture to enlarge it. I think i will start using some bap-10 on this plant to increase it. I will start using the bap-10 and take pictures and write the dates so we can see how long it takes to get babies. Would yall be interested in seeing how to use bap-10?
Here is a picture of d2310 (mop handle scape) showing all those buds that are developing. I the last blog i showed how big the scape were in diameter now we can look at the scape from the top and see all those buds, I can see 3 laterals on the scape. In a few more days we will take another picture to see further development of this huge scape. The scape is a foot over the folage now. Its getting hotter so drink lots of water and stay as cool as you can.Thanks for looking. Jim Elliott


  1. Jim, That is a very nice looking seedling...love the branching &
    bud count....;)

  2. Morning Lori, Thanks for commenting, Where i was talking about the W at top of scape, That means there are 3 branches at terminal instead of 2(Y) like normal. That means more buds. Now each day more began to open. What a great time of year. Jim Elliott

  3. Hi Jim did you ever post pictures of how to apply the bap 10 and the progress, i only found out about it now and cant seem to find any specific information on how to - i would love to see pictures