Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Double Edge Dips

Good evening to all. The future has become reality here at Wooster Garden. Double edge dips are here and i have a sibling that has a bigger gold edge that my wife says not to show now. Mark Carpenter and Josh Jacques have seen it. This flower opened last summer for the first time and i could see the double edge then but i wanted it to have another year and see if the color changed any. It has as it has gotten darker and the lavender is now more grape color. It is fertile both ways as a dip. I wanted to be sure it would take dip pollen before i spoke too loud. Remember Idas Magic, it was one of the first tets with a gold edge and look where it has gone. So now i have a first(to my knowledge)double edge diploid. This is D4210 a selected dip that is lined out for future release. Big scape, lots of buds about 40 and great branching(laterals). This plant is in the shade house and when i saw 3 blooms open this morning i thought about the spacing on scapes so blooms can open fully. This plant has lots of buds and great substance. 6 inch plus flower about 36 inch scape, did i say green throat. This flower has lots of green for those looking to breed green daylilies. Woodland Radiance breeding. Woodland Radiance is an excellent parent for those wanting to breed dips. This seedling is T0812 a Pure Indulgence kid. if you like reds as much as we do i think you will like this red tet seedling. Great color and a water mark for the eye. 6 inch flower and one lateral. For sure if it makes it thru the summer then this fall a fan will go into the greenhouse for hybridizing next spring. The red is very vivid red and i think i can take it to purples and get the water mark. Another sibling from the same cross is vivid red with a white chaulky eye will be shown later. T0611 is a very nice 5 1/2 inch tet selected seedling. If you like big edges then you will love this baby. the cross is Open My Eyes X Gavin Petit. a much lighter base color than either parent or siblings. Color is a very soft lavender with a choclate eye and edge, at least to me thats what i see. Or more grape eye? T0611 will also go into the green house for hybridizing next spring. I dont know if it is possible to quit hybridizing in the seedling beds and shade house. I walk the beds and see something i like then there i go spreading pollen instead of going to work. Wouldnt it be great to work with your daylilies allday everyday!! Have a great week and remember Fathers Day is this Sunday. Take the family to Church and begin a foundation that you can build on for the rest of your life. Your children will thank you later. Lift Up, Raise Up and Stay Up is what God has for you. All you have to do is say Come In Father, and let him guide you thru life. Have a Great Day. Jim Elliott

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