Tuesday, June 26, 2012

More Sugar Please

Feed the Hummers!! We are feeding 5 cups of sugar water everyday. We mix 1/4th cup sugar to 1 cup water and no food coloring added. This spring we started with one pair then it stayed at 2 pairs for a while. Then 2 more pair showed up and after a few weeks the babies showed up and now we have Hummers all day long. Every morning i wash the feeders and fill them and they are good for the day. Cant quit without showing at least one daylily. This is D4712 dip seedling that started blooming this spring. It does rebloom, this bloom is a little lest than 6 inch and has good bud count. I love that green throat radiating out on the midribs. It is a Texas Kal. kid, i dont remember the pod parent other than it was a selected seedling of ours. Texas Kal. is a great parent for eyes but it has terrible plant habit. Scape is very thin and must be propted up if it has seed pods on it. So when using plants like this use the pollen and apply to good pod parents with big sturdy scapes. But you will still get lots of seedlings with thin scapes and beautiful flowers. Be selective when selecting seedlings. If you start with bad selections then you will have a bad bunch of futures. Pat Stamile says keep only the A pluses and I agree 100 percent. Summer is here as it got to 109 yesterday and 100 today. Dont overdo it and work in the shade if you are outside. Drink lots of water. Have a bad day today, did you bless the food when you ate lunch or supper. Did you give Thanks for getting up this morning. Have you thought where you were going to spend Eternity? The Bible says life on earth is like a mist that fades away in the morning and then its gone. Jesus will open that door if you will just ask for him to come into your heart. Even as a Christian we will have bad days but they dont get us down cause we as Christians know where we will spend Eternity, do You? Sure feels good to be an A Plus in the eyes of Jesus. Jim Elliott

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