Monday, June 11, 2012

Patterned Dips and Red

This is Tiger On The Mountain a diploid by Jack Carpenter. This is Jacks picture he sent me before he released Tiger. Whats not to like. If you like pattern dips this is your flower, it has a great big eye, lots of color in the eye, substance and reblooms every year. It is an early bloomer for me and i get to use the pollen when others begin to open so i dont miss many blooms to pollinate. My seedlings from Tiger havent bloomed this year but when they do i expect great things. Fertile both ways. WOW!! Pattern Maker by Jamie Gossard and dormant. The picture that is on the AHS data base is better than mine as theirs has more white breaks in the pattern. Last year it didnt bloom for me and this year it was trying to get the pattern going as it had 3 layers of color in the eye just like the tet patterns do. I sure wasnt going to use that but then after about 4 blooms the arrowheads appeared and i got excited then. I have been using it on all colors and saving pollen for next year. Tall scape and a 6 inch flower. Great job Jamie. Whats Not To Love! David and Alan by Bouman, beautiful red color and a dip. Someone sent this plant to me as a gift plant and dummy me put it in the tet side of shade house. Why would you send a diploid to someone who ordered tet plants They were trying to confuse an old man. Last fall i saw that it didnt set any pods so when we dug up the plants for dividing i did look up the data in a Eurecka and was surprised to see it was a dip. DUH! It really has a nice solid red color with no orange in it. But it is a later bloomer so you will be hybridizing it when others are done blooming. I have been useing my D2310(mop handles) pollen on it set lots of pods and am finishing up with Pattern Maker Pollen. Looking for a red bloom with a white pattern on it. Thanks to who sent me this. I hope this helps those that are breeding dips a little bit. I am open for questions if you need help breeding dips not that i am an expert but i have been there and had great mentors. It all starts with selection wether you are breeding dips or tets. Keep your eyes and ears open and set realistic goals. For me i like solid colors and great scapes. I am just learning about patterns but you must have patience breeding for them. When life gets you down, Look Up, God is waiting for you. Being Saved is your choice just like being Lost is free choice. He will open that door if you Open Your Heart to Him. He can change the worst of men, thank God he changed me. Jim Elliott


  1. Jim,
    Nice blog. Enjoyed reading it and look forward to your seedling bloom.

  2. Thanks Lee, I will have some good seedling blooms in the comming posts. My posts are about helping others breed better daylilies and may be boring to some. You sure had some beautiful seedlings this year. Great Job. Jim Elliott

  3. I got a nice white-edged red intro in GOOODNIGHT KISSES by breeding PARTY PINAFORE to DAVID AND ALAN, Jim. You're doing fabulous work with the dips!

    Michael Bouman

  4. Thanks Michael, Love the color of David and Alan and has a very good scape, I have been putting a few patterns on it and some of my bigger scapes too.Jim Elliott

  5. Hi Jim. Imagine the colors in Heaven! I tried to find a website for you after seeing a photo of Wooster Minecraft, but the Wooster gardens(?) Site switched me to a site advertising Viagra. Not at all what I was looking for my new e-mail is Could you send me a website address? I'm not even sure if I will receive a response on my address. Blessings!