Friday, June 8, 2012

I Need More Tags

Good Morning, this is what i am greeted with every time i open the GH-Shadehouse door. This is the left side and the tet side of the shade house.We have over 800 tags hanging in there with both sides counted. Mark Carpenter told me i just like to work. I think the most pods i have on one scape is 9 seed pods. As for pollen parents i started using Violet Becomes You, then went to Big Red Wagon, then Scarlet Angel,Lady Margret Rose and finished with Lady Duck. I almost forgot about Janet and Bill in the middle. Of course i did use a few selected seedlings pollen. Early bloom and cool temperatures in May really helped set a lot of seed. No scary blooms were used just big blooms with nice scapes. Trying to get more performance in the tets and not just a pretty face. This second picture is a selected dip that i really like D4010 Woodland Radiance X Linda Agin. As you can see she is very fertile. I think every bloom will set a pod if i put the pollen on it. Big scape, 40 plus buds, scaped about 30 inches, lots of lateral branches. Her fault is she doesnt have long enough lateral branches so that blooms have lots of room to open flat. So i use flowers that have space between blooms and long laterals. I did use my red seedling (Mop Handles)quite a bit so as to keep a big scape and have red flowers. Also D4010 has really thick substance in the bloom. This mulberry eyed dip seedling D4412. Tall scape about 34 inches flower is a big 6 inches even at end of bloom cycle. Color is tough to describe, orangey peach base color with a redish purple eye. Big eye. Thats what i like and its pollen parent of Super Fancy Face will add the genetics for patterns as we breed later on down the line. The bud count is not as high as we like but i have lots of pod parents that can give the plant habit to the seedlings. Also the eye pattern is not round but squared off like SFF. This blue eyed dip seedling is D2512, whats not to like. I dont remember the cross but i know it is down from Lavender Blue Baby. Its hard to eliminate the mauve base color and keep the bluish eye color. I want to see it on creams and pinks and yellows. It may not be genetically possible for this range of color but i am trying. Seems this seedling has been blooming forever. Every day it seems to be open. That means lots of buds or lots of scapes. It seems it has several scapes and plants and is ready for division this fall as we dig up selected seedlings. As the temperatures climb here in central Arkansas they also bring on the bloom farther north even all the way up into Canada. The excitement we had a month ago is now reaching the northern states borders. So much to be thankful for in this great country we live in. Even in the bad times we still have it good. In the good times it is easy to Praise God for what he has done for us. But what about when things dont go like we want are we still Giving Thanks to God. In the Book of Job when Job was in the middle of a lot of crisis that the devil brought on him, Jobs wife said for Job to go ahead and curse God and die. But Job told her and his supposedly friends that we still need to Praise God even in the bad times not just for the good times. As we go through life if we will keep this thought in our hearts and minds God will Bless Us For It. I dont know who but God put this message on my mind for someone to hear cause someone out there is hurting today. Dont look down, Look Up and Praise God. Jim Elliott

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