Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Gold Edged Diploid

Here is our blessing. Never before seen by the public. The first gold edge dip. For me this is better than a blue daylily. If you breed dips you will understand. Yes we have colored edges and now we have this gold edge. Before you start thinking its a tet, forget it, i have put this pollen all over the garden and have growing seed pods and dip seed pods on this plant. It is numbered D4112. Can you imagine once it is converted to tet how big the gold edge will be on tet seedlings. Best thing is it is from Texas Kaliedescope breeding so it has the genetics to give pattern eyes to the kids plus gold edges. Wow. I can see it now a pale pink flower with blue broken pattern eye and a gold edge. Would that be fancy enough for you to start buying dips. Also it has a good scape with 2 lateral a bud count of 22 and reblooms. I cant wait to see the kids begin blooming next season i hope. Thats what makes breeding flowers so fasinating is to see your dreams come true. Will it be moved to the green house, yes it will. God blessed us with this seedling and now i hope God gives me the wisdom to use it wisely. Look up and lift up those that need your help, you will recieve a blessing for it and feel better about yourself. Jim Elliott

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