Thursday, June 14, 2012

Quit Spreading Pollen

But why? If you hybridize you know what i mean, when i say why? We wait 10 months maybe less, for that first flower to start the bloom season and you get lots of seed then quit, i cant do it. If i only had someone elses plants i could quit for the year but these are our babies that are brand new to the world and they just keep getting bigger and better. And rebloom is killing me. I havent watered to see how plants would perform and i havent been disapointed with their performance. The selected seedlings have had no watering and reblooming like crazy. I saw what i wanted and have been watering twice a week now. In our selected dip seedlings we have about 8 different seedlings that have these huge base and tall scapes. The flowers are from 6 to 8 inches on these huge scapes some are 40 inches tall. I had this brain storm this week and have been breeding these very special seedlings to each other. One day using red pollen, then cream, then purple. Why didnt i do this from the first day of bloom season i dont know. But i have been hitting about 20 blooms a day. I try not set any seeds on our selected seedlings so they will increase better just use the pollen, right? Why just look a gift horse in the mouth. These will be some very special seeds for us here at Wooster Garden. I havent released any of these selected seedling because they are so crucial to our dip breeding program. Im going to run with it for a while longer. This is where it started, me loving those big dips. D4509 big 7 inches, huge scape, wide blunt sepals. 4 inch petals, 3 inch sepals. Its a Carribean Whipped Cream X UP4 lineage. Huge scapes, reblooms and flat. thats my kind of flower, dip or tet. This picture wa taken at 745 pm just before sundown. No shade, field grown and still looks good. Nicknamed Baby Jack, Jack would love this dip. Did i mention fertile both ways. This dip is D2512. Cross is LBB seedling X LBB. Lavender Blue Baby breeding. The slatey bluish eye just keeps getting bigger and the edge goes out further each bloom. I want to take this color eye to creams, thats my goal. It is fertile and a new baby that bloomed this summer first time. i want to know it is fertile before it goes in green house. 6 inch flower. I have shown this dip seedling before but the double edge just gets biggger and darker. D1412 is the number even though it bloomed last year first time. It is a 5 inch flower and scape is above folage and is fertile both ways. I have used quite a bit of this pollen and have set pods on this plant. It is from Texas Kal., so even though it has an eye but not a patterned eye the genetics are there for patterns on its kids. Thats why we try and keep up with parentage and use it to our advantage. I want big flowers like D4509 with fancy patterns, thats my goal. This tet seedling is T0812 from Pure Indulgence. This is the rebloom scape blooming in this picture. 2 flowers were open and i thought this was a good picture to use. I like tets too but not as much as dips. Even though the tets are supposed to be an improvement over dips i dont see it. Bud count is lower but the colors are more clear so i am trying to breed the tets for performance also. It is all about selection. if you go with a pretty face and 4 buds then you will have some fancy face kids with 4 buds. Try to use good pod parents with lots of buds and rebloom for you. If a pod parent is not what it was suppose to be then cull it or give it away. Way too many plants being introduced that have very little to offer. Are you having a good day? Have you given God his Praise today. I know i have so much to be Thankful For. Keep looking up. Jim Elliott

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