Thursday, July 8, 2010

Chatter Select

As i look at some of the old pictures i have i wonder where did time go. Did we use our time wisely as it goes by. Your last thought is nothing more than a memory now. It is in the past. I think about the night of some years back we had a chat group on the Lily Auction where we could email a website and everyone who was signed in could chat. People from all around the country was on there and a great time was had and lots of info was there also.

This picture is at Jack Carpenters(now Mark Carpenters) Lily Farm. We have Ronie Johnston (Arbie)from Denver, Co.. Myself from Arkansas, Tony Mangold from Houston, Tx.,Judy Farquar(oleo) and (Peanut)Elrin Fanguy. We all met at Center, Tx, to go see Jacks place for a couple days and get aquainted. Then we met the next year at the Symposium in Louisiana and more people showed up that were on the Chat. It sure is great to put a face on names that you have been only emailing to. Come for the flowers and we Stay for the people. We have been Blessed to meet so many nice people in this business and with Gods Grace we hope to meet a few more. Thanks for looking. Remember this picture is maybe 10 years old. Jim

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