Friday, July 2, 2010

Is Fertile Really Fertile?

When is the truth going to come out about fertility? How many times have you bought a plant to use dip or tet and if you use it outside you get no seed pods. When you ask the hybridizer about this plant being fertile and you cant set a seed pod they tell you "I dont know about outside i do my hybridizing in my greenhouse." Not everyone has a greenhouse and then to tell the plant is fertile, that aint right. Why cant we have 2 boxes on the registration about fertile and we can check either greenhouse or outside. Then when plant is listed put a big asterics beside the fertile. When i am getting 2 pods maybe on a plant, those using greenhouses are getting 10 pods per scape. So it must be 10 times easier to set seed in a greenhouse.

The weather turned hot and dry this summer as the tets started to bloom. I dont think i have but one pod set outside out of probably 100 tet scapes. I am in full sun all day. On the other hand i set lots of pods with my dips. These pods were set in full sun, field grown. Pod fertility is a big plus but also so is bud count. When i am hybridizing outside i want all the flowers i can get to set seed pods on. I guess in a greenhouse it dont matter about bud count. I think we"the buyers" need to start being more selective about which plants we buy for hybridizing. We need to find out if this plant will set seed pods outside. Maybe if we start asking these kinds of questions the guys putting out these' fertile introes" will take notice. Am i the only one that is concerned about where our plant is headed? Leave a comment below. Love to hear from you. Thanks for looking and have a Great Fourth of July!!Jim Elliott

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  1. I forgot the other day to tell that The Hulk does have rebloom scapes also. Have fun in the garden. Jim Elliott