Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Hulk

I believe with this plant from Pat Stamile this is what tets were suppose to be like. Big flowers, vivid colors and big strong scapes. In my yard, that is where it counts the most, The Hulk makes all other tets look like they come from kindergarden. It has 3 way branching and the terminal y so you may say 5 way branching but in my yard it is 3 way. It has a full 6 inch plus bloom that is flat and ruffled each day. The scape is the biggest in diameter in all my yard. Looks like an oak tree. I have about 8 fans of it and about that many blooms this morning, just beautiful. I am going to keep the tet seedlings i like and use The Hulk pollen on them to start my own MAN SCAPES. There is nothing feminine about this plant, actually i am trying to get a purple seedling like this. If you dont have The Hulk, get it. I hope all of you a great bloom season. Jim Elliott

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