Tuesday, July 20, 2010

White Diploids and Tractors

Good Morning to All, i intended to blog last nite but i was brain dead. Just a long day at work i guess. We are into rebloom in the garden here and lots of bloom and scapes comming up. We have been picking seed at a steady pace and maybe have about 1500 dip seed now. These i hope will go into the new beds in mid September. If germination is normal we should have 3000 seedlings to plant.

I am really looking forward to this batch of seed when they bloom should cause a little stir. I have been putting blue eyed pollen on my whites hoping for a 6 inch white with a sky blue eye. i think it is realistic cause i am only looking for one plant like that. Also my dip seedling d2210 i put its pollen all over the garden. d2210 has about 30 buds 5 way branching and very thick substance and on first blooms is over 7 inches. I have been putting Cosmic Kalidescope on d2210 and its sibs trying for the patterned eye and a lot better substance. Plus we have used Texas Kal. on thicker substance flowers also. Then we have the blue eyed seedlings to bloom and used some of that pollen. So when this seedling crop does bloom their will be some nice flowers to look at.

I have seen all the talk about white daylilies on the Robin and thought i would show mine. I didnt have a closeup shot but in this picture you can see the white. I do have some closeup shots but what folder did i put them in. I have a couple seedlings that the green throat comes way out on the petals and makes the flower look green.

And about tractors, anyone know anything about the small chinese tractors. I have the chance to buy one that is a 23 horse with pto tiller. Are they a good tractor or should i pass? Drink lots of water as summer is still here. Jim

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