Sunday, July 11, 2010

Feathered Dip Seedling

This is an odd dip seedling that came out of Lavender Blue Baby. I have had others that had this( feathering as Jack Carpenter calls it), but not to this extent. It is 5 inch flower and a dark lavender. Some days it has extra tissue that looks like double arrowheads that are way out on the midribs. This is not extra petaloids as this material is attatched to the petals. It has a scape about 30 inches tall. I have seeds from last year and this and am looking forward to its seedlings. It has been raining here most of the afternoon and Thank You Lord for the rain. We need the rain and cooler temps. Have a great day and Pray for our country. Jim Elliott


  1. Love the color of the flower and the extra "tissue", guess you can tell I am not a hybridizer!! I would love to have one to bloom like that all the time.

  2. Wonderful flower Jim, you still forgot to say it also has very nice ruffling edges! Great.