Monday, July 5, 2010

Pollen Theives and Tet Seedling

I hope all had a Great 4th of July. it was a great family day here. I let the inlaws cook for lunch and my daughter cooked for our supper and a little while later that evening we watched the fireworks display. A great time was had by all especially the kids"grankids and nephews and neices" all ours are grown. Since today was a holiday for most we stayed home and cut grass and repotted some crepe myrtles. About 10 am i thought i would go out and collect some dip pollen for use next summer. Some of the lates never get used much cause when they start blooming we are just about through hybridizing for the year. When i saw all the honey bees stealing our pollen i went in and got the camera. What pollen they didnt eat they had it all over their back legs. That orange in the picture is a pollen covered leg not an anther. They would just wrap their bodies around each anther and eat. I didnt collect any pollen today but tommorrow i will get mine before i go to work.

The tet seedling is out of Darla Anita, i know the color is muddy but it has rebloomed twice and has branching so that will be a good base for the tet line. While all this was going on i had fired up the smoker for supper with some ribs and a whole chicken. Daylilies and BBQ it dont get much better. Thanks for looking. Jim Elliott

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