Thursday, July 15, 2010

Seed Pods

Great Day to All. Thank the Lord for another beautiful day, we did get up this morning. We have begun to pick seed pods so i thought i would show what mature seed pods look like. It isnt rocket science being able to tell when a pod is ready to pick. If you pick and the pod is too green then the seeds will not germinate.

The picture on our blog show that these pods are a little past ready and could have been picked the day before. As the scape quits feeding the seed pods you will notice brown at the base of the pod like it is drying up the food source, these seed pods will come off and where you picked them the scape is brown where the pod came loose. I have miseed picking pods for several days and they just get more dry, even though the pod is cracked open it usually wont spill the seeds on its own.

Also if one chamber is cracking open and the other 2 chambers are still green i will wait until the other chambers are drying up before i pick the pod. Once i see pods beginning to open i check my scapes every day as the heat will move them to crack open. I use a 3 oz solo bathroom cup to collect my pods and write the cross on the side of the cup as i pick. Please wait to open pods when in the house because if you drop a seed on the ground it is very hard to find.

Here is D-01-08 Dip seedling. It is out of Edna Shaw. Edna Shaw gives lots of substance to its kids. So if you breed dips you will be wise to use this plant in your hybridizing. Edna is short, blooms at the top of the folage but D-01-08 is about 30 inches tall. You will notice the edge on this seedling goes all the way around the petal and it reblooms twice. Right now we have about 14 plants so one day soon we will intro this seedling. Thanks for looking and drink lots of water this summer. Jim Elliott

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