Thursday, May 17, 2012

Careful With That Pollen

Good Morning to All, as they say i have came in from the hay field!!! That means i have been working hard to hybridize better daylilies. Almost forgot about our blog, i have been so blessed with so many blooms to work with. We have taken some pictures but the past week the temps have been about 50 each morning and flowers were not pretty. A few were fully open but the pollen was slow to open. This is a picture of our dip d1012. It is a Texas Kal kid. I have been waiting on a purple seedling with the rings to bloom and finally have one. Purple not mauve. It has 5 laterals and i havent even counted the buds. It is fertile both ways. I have been using it in the green house or shade house now, i have been putting it on Jack Carpenters patterned eyed plants. It is hard to get the plant habit and flower to go with it in the same plant. But d1012 has what we have been looking for.
This Janet and Bill-Nichole Harry Devito 2012 intro. This is one of those WOW flowers. Nichole was able to let me have it for the greenhouse last fall and i am so proud she did. I just wanted to pull up a chair and look at it all day. A little larger than 6 inches, flat as a flitter and big edge. Look how wide the sepals are. this is a Happy Happy kid named for Nicholes granparents. Do you see the pollen gone? Thanks Nichole!!
This is a bud of Janet and Bill. Really neat bud. I have never seen fins or teeth on the outside of buds before but Nichole has this trait on several of her intros. Just really different.
This is Fire Down Below-Ted Petit intro. This plant has been out a while and is about $10 a double fan according to Eurecka. Intense blood red and has the best tet scape in the shade house. I have never seen this flower water spot and we have had it for a long time. same form every day, whats not to like!! Careful with that pollen means just that, if you dont really want a seed pod on that cross dont put that pollen on it. Last year under 50% shade cloth we set a lot of seed pods in temps that were at 100 each day. This year the temps are high 70s and low 80s and under the shade cloth over the plastic roof we are getting a ton of seed pods and the problem is half the plants in there havent bloomed yet. Seems the bloom cycle is out of whack and the mid bloomers will start next week. The fingers on my right hand are sore from holding so much pollen, just kidding. But it is getting good around here. Drink lots of water and stay cool this summer. Are you going to church sunday? Maybe you too will recieve his Blessing as we have. Look Up When Things Are Getting You Down. Jim Elliott