Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Good Morning to All, we survived the Memorial Weekend. Dry is the word here in central Arkansas. Seems we havent had rain here in 2 months, but today and tomorrow we have a great chance for rain and cooler temps. This fis picture is D7210 diploid. I had to save this one. The colores compliment each other so well. The red picotee goes completely around the petals. 6 inch flower and have it also in the shade house trying to keep the soft yellow and add a pattern to the red eye.
This is a tet seedling numbered T1210. the cross is Palace Garden Beauty X Doyle Pierce, it is a 5 inch flower and normally would not keep a pony size flower but it has good scape, good substance and lots of bluish slate color in eye and edge. I have been taking the pollen to all bluish eyed flowers in shade house. It is an early bloomer unlike Doyle Pierce which starts to bloom 2 weeks later when other plants are finishing up.
This is a dip seedling from Texas Kalidescope breeding. 5 inch flower but a beautiful pattern that tends to break as the temps go up. It has good height and scape for a Tx. Kal. kid. The problem with a lot of seedlings from Tx Kal is the week scape. Even though we bred it to big thick scapes, than thin scape of TK is dominant. It is sad to see a beutiful flower and have a weak scape. You know when you put seed pods on it it will fall over.
This is a very nice red dip seedling out of Russell Southall, i truely love RS as it has heighth in the scape and fairly heavy scape and good pollen, plus the follage is big. Big plants are great to have in the garden because that is what you see 9 months of the year. what makes this 6 inch red so special is the white midribs are gone and a nice red color is there. A lot of RS kids do have the white midribs and sometimes it looks great and other times it takes away from the flower. This bloom is a little twisted because it is on the end of bloom cycle. That is this is one of the last blooms on that scape. We also havent pampered the seedlings this year with watering. Just before they started blooming they were watered and none since.So this bloom hasnt seen water in over 3 weeks and looks pretty good. This is a 6 inch bloom even though it hasnt been watered. Even our selected seedlings havent been watered so we can get rid of soft plants that need help to perform. Some of these are sending up rebloom scapes with it being so dry and i like that trait. Imagine if they had water what would do. I want to introduce plants that perform when others dont. We have over 800 paper tags hanging on scapes in the shade house. It has become a job now to go out there and hybridize each day. Like Lee Pickles says there needs to be a cutoff date!! But what do you do when some are finishing up blooming and a brand new plant is going to open tomorrow? So now we are hybridizing just the special blooms and winding it down. I am hearing thunder so i must run,yea!!When life gets you down,Look Up. If you need a change in your life, go to Church and he will help you change for the better life. What has man gained when he has lost his soul. Jim Elliott


  1. I very much enjoy your blog

  2. Thanks for reading our blog Greg, i hope it helps you raise better daylilies. Jim Elliott