Monday, May 7, 2012

Go Faster Please

Last saturday we put the shade cloth on the greenhouse to cool it down some. We also took down the plastic on the south wall. I cut a big vent hole in the top front to help get out the heat. This morning at 530 am we had a storm blow through with about 30mph winds. Sure glad i didnt have the north side plastic down yet.
Well she did open up and on time to use the pollen. This is d2310 (mop handle Scape)it is a dip and wonderful scape with several laterals and high bud count. Sorry i didnt measure to see how high scape was but flower is 5 1/2 inches and a red with a water mark looks good to me. I used the pollen this morning on some 7 inch dips with big scapes in the greenhouse. I think my other red seedling d7210 will bloom tommorrow so we will be crossing red to red now.
This is d2910 a nice purple dip seedling of 6 inch range maybe a little bigger. It has 4 laterals and 38 buds i think. A little more fuller that d1010 purple seedling on last post. It looks like it needs some red pollen what do you think. There are some nice purple dips out there but very few red dips. i am working with 3 nice red dips so more babies are on the way. While everyone else is chasing the patterns (me too) i will be working on my reds and purples.
Here is another selected dip seedling we are using in the greenhouse, d0410 garden name Big Boy Leroy. Big scape lots of buds and a little over 7 inches. Just a very imposing flower. d0410 makes 6 inch flowers look small. I think the cross was Tiaquana Treasure x Cosmic Kalidescope. One of those crosses that even though we didnt get the Kalidescope eye we got a lot of plant habit and a big thick flower that will blend right into what we are breeding for. The excitement is building as we pollenated about 10 flowers today. We also had a big purple dip seedling bloom with a white broken eye pattern but i didnt show it cause the wind tore off a sepal. It has 6 laterals on it. Have a great day tommorrow and stay cool. Jim Elliott

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