Saturday, May 26, 2012

Good Morning, it has been a long week. I have been painting outside buildings all week and i am ready for a day off. But before i would go to work we had to hybridize and look at seedling bloom and that took a couple hours out of each day. I will show you a few plants we are using in the greenhouse. This is Don Ellers-Lady Duck. It has a patterned eye and it is very ruffled to say the least. It is a mid bloomer, meaning a lot of the plants are halfway thru their bloom cycle when she started. But i put her pollen on about 40 plus blooms the day she opened.
Wonder Of It All by Bob Carr. Whats not to like!! Very perfect everyday. The same perfect form every morning. At 5 inches it is smaller than i like so i have been putting larger flowers pollen on it. I have been using a lot of red and purple pollen on it. I am anxiuos to see the babies from these crosses!!
This is Lame Duck by Don Eller. Really large bloom about 7 inches and ruffles are at least one inch wide. The color is hard to capture but kindof a muted lavender with a darker inside edge and a chartruce yellow edge on the outside. Really different. If you like the triangluar form then Lame Duck is for you too!!
Dip Seedling out of d0108. Like its parent it has a big eye and nice edge going completely around the petals. More grape purple in eye color that i really like. I did select this seedling but didnt write the numeber down. We have about 800 tags hanging on crosses in the greenhouse and it is beginning to be a job. I am thinking Lee Pickles is a smart man for putting a stop date on his hybridizing. For the past few days we have been doing a little over 100 crosses each day. The Hummers have been comming into the greenhouse looking for nectar among the flowers. They are a nice surprise. Have a safe Memorial Weekend and dont over do it, drink lots of water and pray for the needy. Jim Elliott

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