Thursday, May 10, 2012

More Red Dips

Good Evening, its much cooler this week than last week. The past 2 mornings it has been right at 50 degrees at 7am. The blooms dont like it at all. They are about a third of the way open even by 8am. D7209 my red dip seedling opened yesterday and today. Once opened it was flat both days and i like that. 3 laterals and terminal Y at top about 30 plus buds. This picture was taken at 7pm tonight and still looks good for such a cool start. 6 inch red whats not to like. This is a Russell Southall kid also it is dormant just like d2310 in our last post. Now i have pollen from 2 good red dips and the bloom season is just starting.
This soft pink bi-tone is just that. Someone sent me this plant by mistake. 2 years ago i bought some small Grace Stamile blue eyed plants from different people and recieved this plant. Definitely not a blue eyed small flower. Have you seen this flower before or maybe know what the name is. I dont know if its dip or tet but i put red dip pollen on it this am. This cooler weather has messed up my seedling bloom and slowed it also. Maybe in a few days the blooms can get back to normal whatever that is anymore. More named varieties are blooming in the greenhouse each day and seed pods are forming as now we can see the pods. Have a great day tomorrow and drink lots of water. As soon as the weather warms back up i will show some named blooms. Jim Elliott

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